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BDS 489: Undisputed – Niggas Hollering

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, referee Eric Lewis resigns, the new Undisputed, A’Ja Wilson, MJ not supporting his son’s wedding, Noah Lyles backlash, Giannis threatens Bucks, Simone Biles is back, DeAndre Ayton with Katt Leya, Ben Simmons wants to return to Philly, Harden wants out of Philly b/c of Embiid, Stephen A dissing Jimmy G again, Free Brittany Renner drunk podcast appearance, Austin Reaves girl goes public, Justin Jones baby mama drama and a woman stiff arms someone into oblivion.



    What’s up, Rod, Karen & Jhe New York Jets.

    In all honesty, I didn’t think these were going to far, anyway. Seeing Polio Rodgers have his calf pull the most gruesome body horror transformation since David Cronenberg’s & his O-line be straight ass, didn’t do him any favors. Also, like everyone before me has said: He old. Dude was athletic QB for over a decade & I doubt he’d hold up. He has to rehab an Achilles at age 40+. Good luck, hypocrite.

    Zack Wilson’s best game of his terrible career, thus far, is some elite QBs pedestrian performance. He can’t even throw a completion right. And, as for Josh Allen? I mean, this is who he’s been for much of his career in the league. When he’s on, he’s on. When he’s not? Bruh. I personally believe their Super Bowl window is closed, at least, right now. They’ll probably make the playoffs & might be quickly eliminated. That’s what I think. That overtime loss to the Chiefs, was two-fold: He looked great in defeat & it totally inflated his expectations over Patrick Mahomes. Not to mention, he’s on the cover of Madden ’24. Mahomes had a dislocated kneecap & somehow overcame it by winning a SB in ’19 & went to another in ’20, only to lose to Teflon Tom, who was on the cover with him.

    In closing, Kadarius, you butterfingers-ass bastard. You really shouldn’t be talking about your former team, when you dropped a bazillion passes to Pat. Dropped a sure fire game winner to the flaming kneecappers. I think he’ll get his shit together but that week 1 lost was worrisome. Chris Jones got paid & I expect him to eat some Jaguars. Mahomes will be better too, especially if Travis’s traffic cop ass is back. Carolina? At least we didn’t lose by 30? MNF should be an interesting matchup.

    Anyway, take care, y’all.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jaaron Rodgers,

    I hope all is well! Congrats on another live show!

    College football started 2 weeks ago and my agenda are already firing. In 2021, DJ Uiagalelei [oo-ee-ANH-gah-leh-lay] started for Clemson against Notre Dame and was cooking like the Samoan Newton. But 2022 DJ was starting and looked sorry, so he transferred to Oregon State and has been looking like he picked up where he left off in 2021, which I’ve been delighted to see cuz it confirmed my other agenda: Pastor Dabo’s falling off y’all! And what better way to kick off the fade route prosperity preacher’s collapse than his squad getting *mangled* by the Duke Blue Devils? When you looked at each Clemson wide receiver on each snap, they would lock up with a Duke DB like Gabriel wrestling the angel! Clemson’s receivers and Duke’s defense had less separation than church and state at Clemson. Dabo refuses to get wide receivers from the transfer portal and that’s why their nearly all white receiving corps look like Greco Roman wrestlers trying to get off the line.

    I figured between the Jets, Giants and Bills that at least *one* New York team would be happy by the end of the weekend. Which NY NFL team do y’all think is the feeling the worst?

    Prayers down to 9/11 conspiracy theorist Ivermectin Rodgers, whose hype machine was so strong ESPN probably hired Pat Macafee off the strength of Rodgers’s constant appearances *and* got folks to act like this man wasn’t damn near 40! And watching in real time as Jets fans on Twitter tried to talk themselves back into Zach Wilson even as he tried to throw the game away? We all the way byke! Garrett Wilson is an incredible receiver for playing DB and WR on the same damn play.

    Bills fans had to watch Honky Kong throw the strongest YOLO balls I’ve seen in a minute, but embodied a true ally by making sure Whitehead hit a $250k contract incentive for 3 picks!

    And the Giants? They held up against the Cowboys like butter stopping napalm.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the wonderful shows!




    Greetings rod, Karen, and jaaron Rodgers

    As the saying goes…. Grand opening grand closing!

    Took only 3 snaps for Rodgers to go down and his season be done! There was so much hype behind his signing and this first game! And it must have been so disappointing for jets fans, betters and espn (who aired the game) with Rodgers going down! Some how, with that sorry o line, the jets managed to come back from being down, to win in overtime on a punt return. This definitely became a chink I’m Josh Allen’s armor! Is this the final year of the Josh Allen project in Buffalo? He just can’t make it to the big game! Atleast not yet! He got 2 men in his way for starters, (patty. And Joe burrow) rod, Karen, Justin, play Gm for a second, do you ride it out with Zac Wilson (who is sorry) or do you look for a back qb for him, or check the market for maybe another qb (say Wentz) and have them compete for the spot? If you Rodgers at his age do you come back or do you retire?

    Moving on, definitely have to say congrats to coco gauge on winning the us open! Black girl magic!!!!

    And lastly.

    Jevin Porter jr,
    Rod lemme get that Ray Lewis drop!

    The rockets are now trying to trade this fella instead of cutting ties! Who gonna want a man who assaulted a woman, former wnba player at that? The group will come out to the game to protest. And that’s gotta be uncomfortable to have that going on with a member of your team, that’s a move I expected from the nfl, who know just cut/waive players who do things of this nature, but after researching his contract, he recently signed a rookie extension which isn’t even guaranteed after this upcoming season.
    I would be interested in seeing what team would be interested in taking Porter and how that goes! This is completely different from the Ja morant situation, where no one but morants image took a hit!

    You guys have a blessed weekend

    Fyahworks out

  4. trey_swindu744



    Hey Rod,Karen and Justin,

    I’m glad y’all mentioned the women’s national soccer team of Spain on the regular show episode you all did where JL was the guest. You guys were absolutely right – there definitely was more to the story.

    As the articles that I posted above mention ,last year 15 of the National team players resigned in protest of him (Vilda)being their coach and refused to play for him during the World Cup. Thank y’all for mentioning this story and speaking on it !

    Trey_ swindu744

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