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2766: Low Value Fans

Rod and Karen are joined by actor / podcaster / comedian J-L Cauvin to discuss his new stand up special “Half Black Face,” his new podcastd “Rain On Your Parade,” “Making Podcast Great Again,” TikTok, high value fans vs low value fans, white people news, man arrested for drugs after calling police, man caught smuggling cocaine through airport, influencer order to give back luxury items purchase with PPP money and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’d love to hear a special segment dedicated to all the tour boys who got sentenced and cried. They deserved every bit of those sentences and more. Fuck them

  2. Keith

    Whenever I’m listening to a TBGWT episode in the car, the next time I get in the car my phone connects and picks up where it left off. I was picking up this model to do a photoshoot with her (photography is a side hustle I’m getting into and we were making some promo content for her IG), she saw this episode title come up on the screen in my car and started chuckling. I explained why the episode was titled that and what J-L said. She started laughing harder and she said “yes, exactly! I relate to that so hard, I feel just like him.”

  3. Karmenjay

    I can’t see any rationale for an adult, someone in their 20’s and older preying on a 14 y/o. Creepy as hell in the 50’s it’s creepy as hell in the 2020’s… freaky bastard. People putting that man on a pedestal ignoring that glaring probo character trait blows my mind.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Dating a 14 year old as an adult is very creepy. Imagine saying to your partner “ since we started dating you have grown so much. I mean physically. 1.5 inches. I’ll buy you some new pants from the teen section for our anniversary, my partner in life.“

    Kanye‘s wife looks always like a hostage in the photos. And the stuff she has to wear seems very questionable. From the outside she seems like his doll. But what do I know. Maybe they have a healthy, respectful relationship . ( doubt it)

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