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2768: The Original Karen Stan

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  1. HustleNoFlow

    I appreciate that you all correct information. There are podcasts that I had to stop listening to during the pandemic b/c they would bring up a topic and then go on rants about motives or actions that made no sense if you actually knew the topics or read the whole article while they were talking about headlines. It was like getting riled up just to be riled up and have people pick a side.

    Also, after your conversation w/ J-L, I went and listened to the episode on his podcast about the strike and I was kind of sad. Even without knowing all of the facts that you shared about writers’ actual lifestyles, I don’t know why people have to make all of these false equivalencies between actors and CEO’s, or which union is more worthy. At the end of the day, whether it’s a teacher, auto worker, nurse, writer or actor, at the end of the day, it is work. And for writers and actors, every time we see their product, there is a monetization happening, whether via streaming fee, ads, or network paid rights to show. And the execs and rest of the corporate staff are getting paid based on that monetization, so why are people so angry about the talent trying to preserve that ability to participate? Besides, people don’t really think there is a universal group that is worthy to advocate for more. I know nurses that think that resent teachers because teachers don’t work 12 months and want to get paid. We have to stop caping for and worshipping corp execs for being rich and adopting their mindsets about other working people.

  2. Mary

    I like that you all do the research and don’t just “wing it,” like “close enough”. In this day where there is SO much content, the way I manage it is to find a group of persons I trust – whether on Twitter or podcasts — and let them tell me about the events that matter. I don’t listen to cable news anymore because while I do trust that they do the research, they also have a clear intent – to rile me up. It’s so inflammatory and in the end lacking in any depth and weight. For me I just go back to that basic stuff you learn in high school about how to gauge the info you’re consuming — Who is relaying the info; Why, and to What Audience. Anyway, you all are one of my trusted sources ‘cuz you do the work AND you’re funny. The last is important, because honestly there’s only so much Ezra Klein you can listen to. Very earnest man but he needs some fun segments.

  3. Mwangangi

    You just took me back Rod with your movie time syncing. I used to do the same thing, but I would call the move phone number and have to memorize the times of the movies I liked by listening to it multiple times all the way through. But then once I had it locked in I could just go to the mall theatre and sit in the free A/C all day. Get there for the matinee and leave when the mall is closed except the arcade and the indoor/outdoor restaurant. Also, if you bought the biggest popcorn bucket, you got free refills.

  4. J-Full

    Whoever made the doing it for the gram music was in their MFing Birkin

  5. ApiafromGermany

    I love that you research your facts and correct when you said something wrong. You are A+ and people who say something else just can’t handle this kind of quality.
    Here, I said it.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    The contrarian is an interesting phenomenon of human psyche in my opinion.
    When I was younger I didn’t understand how someone could change their views from for example far left to far right. That seems so far removed!
    Like for example Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols. From punk to MAGA fan.
    Now I understood that it was never about specific views on society or politics.
    It was always about being against what the people around them stand for, they don’t really care about any cause.
    My father in law ( who is unfortunately not great overall) has a similar disorder. He used to be more on the left and about workers rights in his youth, when it pissed people around him off.
    Now he tries to be a right wing provocateur.
    He is the kind of person who talked the anti vax talk, but got secretly vaccinated while his “ companions” didn’t and some of them died. Good times.

  7. collapsus

    In regard to the topic of not knowing things about specific subjects: It’s really not about being knowledgeable about current events. I think what’s annoying to listeners of podcasts (various podcasts) is the host or hosts not knowing things that are considered ‘common knowledge in society. Were not all held to the standard of Socrates but unfortunately public figures are. Anyhow great podcast and longtime fan.

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