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2769: Storm Trooper Fails

Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. EvieE

    I miss these recaps, it brings me back. Even though I know how this ends I still enjoy hearing your perspective because it makes the show much more fun. I gotta say that the actor who plays Sebastian does such a good job of playing a douchebag that he will forever be that character to me no matter what role he plays from now on. I look forward to more recaps, I’m here until the wheels fall off.

  2. think_p_smart

    In the words of great songstress/actress Tisha Campbell, I’m STILL HERE!!! Still riding for TWD…waiting until they stumble an all Black community where we are thriving (because we know how to live under unwarranted threats). But this Black community won’t even trust them enough to let them in cus they still remember whites propensity, pre-zpoc, to Columbus anything they touch.

  3. Newsy

    Glad it’s back! I stopped watching around the time of the funny haired garbage people but picked back up these last couple of seasons because of the recaps!

  4. IamSashaPierce

    Woo, it’s BACK! Im so excited! I was a diehard fan of the Walking Dead, and I have been waiting for y’all to finish it !! Thanks for hanging tough with it, Rod and Karen!

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    I cannot believe my people are reviewing these final episodes. Thank you.

  6. PamelaM8

    Appreciate Story Time with Rod and Karen! Still haven’t seen one episode of this show but marvel in the way that you two can spin the tale!


  7. Soundztastee

    Don’t care that it’s a year late, love the review!! Are you going to watch any of the spin-offs?

  8. Tootietaurus

    Walking Dead Wednesday’s are back!! Yeah baby!! Thank you Rod and Karen for doing this! Looking forward to continuing the ride! -Karena aka TootieTaurus

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