Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aaron Rodgers gets injured, Kevin Porter charged with domestic violence, Lavar Ball’s new shoes, Deion Sanders, Scottie Pippen hating, Real Sports ending on HBO, Carl Nassib retires, OJ is a guest on It Is What It Is, Jerry Jones sexual assault case moves forward, Jim Trotter suing NFL, Mike Irvin is back on the air, Mel Tucker releases statement after he’s fired, DraftKings gets canceled of 9/11 promotion, Giannis making demands, Gervon Dexter’s wild NIL deal, Bills employee apologizes for Stefon Diggs slander, Sage Steele gets in a good joke, the James Harden character assassination continues, Shannon Sharpe gets big ratings, Deandre Ayton upset he impregnated porn star, Micah Parson’s podcast and Panther’s player caught using burner account.