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BDS 490: Buns And Basketball Breakdown

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aaron Rodgers gets injured, Kevin Porter charged with domestic violence, Lavar Ball’s new shoes, Deion Sanders, Scottie Pippen hating, Real Sports ending on HBO, Carl Nassib retires, OJ is a guest on It Is What It Is, Jerry Jones sexual assault case moves forward, Jim Trotter suing NFL, Mike Irvin is back on the air, Mel Tucker releases statement after he’s fired, DraftKings gets canceled of 9/11 promotion, Giannis making demands, Gervon Dexter’s wild NIL deal, Bills employee apologizes for Stefon Diggs slander, Sage Steele gets in a good joke, the James Harden character assassination continues, Shannon Sharpe gets big ratings, Deandre Ayton upset he impregnated porn star, Micah Parson’s podcast and Panther’s player caught using burner account.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jeshaun Watson,

    I hope all is well with y’all!

    After watching 4 quarters of Deshaun Watson play like a premium 2 pack of ass; shaking my head and thinking, “Well shit, Brissett wouldn’t have done that. Hell, *Baker* wouldn’t have done that”; watching Watson commit *2* facemask penalties (I’ve never seen that before); overthrowing WRs and turning the ball over like he was point shaving, I had only one thought: Is this how Bomani Jones feels whenever the Falcons go full Falcon?

    Watson has looked like ass for his past 8 games and Monday Night was no exception. I thought it was fitting that he looked terrible against the Steelers since Watson and his contract is basically the Browns prepaying for all the reasons folks hated Ben Rothlesberger without any of football success to rationalize keeping Ben Rothlesberger. It’s gonna be wild when Kevin Stefanski gets fired at the end of the season since Cleveland can’t get rid of Watson for at least the next 3 seasons (Browns total cap space = $224 million vs $184 million = Watson’s cap hit if released in next 3 seasons). Watson committing 2 face masking penalities is wild to me and I’ve seen some dry, dusty riverbeds of quarterbacks. But, as Justin has said before, “It’s *Cleveland*!”

    I hope Nick Chubb has a speedy and complication free recovery cuz that hit was gruesome and when he went through the air I realized legs ain’t supposed to bend like that. Special shouts out to the NFL for filing a suit against the NFLPA for telling RBs to fake injuries as a negotiating tactic *on the same damn night*. Optics this bad are just fitting for the NFL, though. And it’s especially shitty for Chubb since there’s a strong argument he’s been one of if not *thee* best runningback in the league for a minute now. For the Browns, they needed a RB as versatile as Chubb so that they can build a strong play action passing system around Watson.

    Also, did y’all see RG3 admit on ESPN the root of all his problems? It turns out that Griffin believes sugar goes on grits. Y’all if I had known he was like that back when he won the Heisman I wouldn’t have wasted the time rooting for him! Is Rob Parker owed some apologies?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thank you as always for the fire shows!




    Hey Rod, Karen, and JFL!

    Rod you sometimes end the show with a segment called “uh- oh these niggaz fighting!” Well this week, it’s more like “uh-oh, these niggaz dying!”

    At the Sunday night game, at Gillette stadium, pats vs Miami, a Miami fan attacked a life long Pats fan, dale Mooney,53, with 2 to the head, 2 punches that is! There had be an ongoing thing all game and it finally came to a head later on, where the Miami fan punched the man twice in the noggin and he was out for the count! All in front of his son! It was later reported, it was a medical issue that took his life, but I’m sure the punches did help.

    As we keep it in the NFL, these injuries are at an all time high! Yes, injuries happen every week, sometimes multiple times a game and even in practice! But starting with Aaron Rodgers, it has seem to be a trend, with stars! More recently Nick Chubb, a saquon ankle sprain, Trevon diggs from the cowboys, and even panthers qb Bryce young will be missing this week!

    Lastly, I love me some Shannon sharpe debates, few days ago him and Stephen a were talking bout Giannis future in Milwaukee, my man Shannon said his brothers are taking up 2 roster spots


    Skip to 4:30 mark!!

    Appreciate you guys have a great weekend!!!!

    Fyahworks out

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod, Karen and Jenry Blackburn,

    I don’t know what to make of this Stephen A.!!! On the one hand, many black journalists talk about how he has helped them out, and he made sure Shannon had a home after Skip ousted him from that now unwatchable Undisputed. On the other hand he is “Shut up Molly” and then this latest about him talking shit about Max Kellerman when Max was minding his own damn business. Why couldn’t he be gracious? He won. Do you think it was because people like T.O. were saying it was because Max was more with BLM than Stephen A was? I have such a soft spot for Max. He was on LA radio for years, and he’s a really smart guy and brought an interesting POV to sports. He also had to deal with Marcellus Wiley who would also say all sorts of problematic shit, and yet Max did it so skillfully and clearly liked Marcellus. Have you heard Max’s rap single? I mean, T.O. might not be too far off. Lol.

    Great show as always!!

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