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TNO 202: Stealing His Kingdom Heart

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Switch passes Wii’s total US sales, Baldur’s Gate 3 could launch on Xbox Series S with no split-screen, Epic Games offers devs 100% profits for exclusivity, Sony raises Playstation Plus prices, Twitter wants to collect biometric data, Call of Duty using AI to catch harassment, G.I. Joe brawler, Stray getting an animated movie, Starfield causing Playstation users to wild out, Unity causes huge stir with new pricing model, iPhone 15 getting AAA games, PS5 update allows you to mute start up beep, Paper Mario getting remaster, Square Enix loses $2 billion in value, One Piece live action renewed, Ascendant Studios lays off half of staff, NASA promises to tell us about aliens, Lando is now a movie, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor leaves EA, Alan Moore wants all his royalties given to BLM, Starfield getting updates soon and Japanese woman arrested for stealing boyfriend’s Sora figure.


  1. Sean

    First, apologies to Aaron. I listened to the previous episode after binging ADD space and got confused.

    That being said, I was going to write in to defend the live action Death Note. Then I realized that you were referring to the Netflix live action “Death Note”-ish movie, which I have not seen and will not acknowledge the existence of. The Japanese live action Death Note series. This live action adaptation [to differentiate it from the Musicals as well as the Netflix series that does not exist] is genuinely pretty good. There are four movies, a three episode TV miniseries, and a movie documentary. If you enjoy Death Note and are interested in a decent live-action adaptation, I would definitely recommend it.

    I’ve heard the Musical is good as well, just don’t pull a Boebert and get yourself thrown out…

    • Sean

      Sorry about the editing error.

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