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TNO 202: Stealing His Kingdom Heart

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Switch passes Wii’s total US sales, Baldur’s Gate 3 could launch on Xbox Series S with no split-screen, Epic Games offers devs 100% profits for exclusivity, Sony raises Playstation Plus prices, Twitter wants to collect biometric data, Call of Duty using AI to catch harassment, G.I. Joe brawler, Stray getting an animated movie, Starfield causing Playstation users to wild out, Unity causes huge stir with new pricing model, iPhone 15 getting AAA games, PS5 update allows you to mute start up beep, Paper Mario getting remaster, Square Enix loses $2 billion in value, One Piece live action renewed, Ascendant Studios lays off half of staff, NASA promises to tell us about aliens, Lando is now a movie, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor leaves EA, Alan Moore wants all his royalties given to BLM, Starfield getting updates soon and Japanese woman arrested for stealing boyfriend’s Sora figure.


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod, Karen, and esteemed guests,

    Here’s hoping all your nerd-based activities are bringing you joy.

    I loved Ahsoka and am looking forward to where they go with the show/characters — Season 2, Incorporation into another show, films? Sadly, Ray Stephens will not get to make his imprint on future presentations.

    I am wondering if anyone is watching Gen V, the spinoff show from The Boys. If yes, are people enjoying it, if no, and you are planning on watching, please be warned that you don’t want to be eating during the opening scene.

    I am still recommending Victor LaValle’, The Changeling, which is airing on Apple TV. This is a great science fiction based horror that features folk in the lead roles. It is so good, if you have not read the book, it might take a while to process some of the things going on, but it is very much worth the effort.

    Peace, and thanks for always giving us a dope show.

  2. DBman12

    Greetings Everyone,

    I’m so glad The Mouse did not let Zack Snyder get near a Star Wars project. I’m sure y’all have seen that he got Netflix sued by game maker Evil Genius

    Fighting over merchandise and supplemental games is one thing. But this seems much worse that, as Evil Genius made the world bible for his Rebel Moon trilogy and it’s not clear who owns the rights to that. Netflix apparently needs the full rights to that bible because Snyder decided to use it as the basis of the franchise.

    Ugh. Did Snyder really try to creat a sci-fi franchise without any details mapped out ahead of time? Did Netflix not see the mess Snyder caused at the WB and DC? Did they really give him a trilogy blank check without verifying that a full story was there?

    I guess I should salute his ability to always fall up.

    More important, thanks for the great shows.
    -Doug B


    Hey everyone.

    Starfield kicked my ass up-&-down last week. Lots of trial & error. It had to do with an optional mission with a level 14 boss. I had little health, carrying tons of items & loads of enemies. In that one cavern, I probably suffered like 22 deaths. Eventually, Me & my boo, Sarah, killed the guy, got the objectives done & so far, my character is now level 10. Never played a Bethesda game on this level before but I’m hooked. It’s technically impressive, solid voice acting across the board, the difficulty is fair. I do wish the menus were better laid out. It’s too busy for my taste. Noticed a few minor glitches but it’s fun as hell. Didn’t think I’d be spending more time on Starfield recently than the otherwise great Mortal Kombat 1.

    MK1’s biggest Shortcoming, I will say, is what hampered MK11 to a degree, which is Invasion Mode. Invasion Mode is the Krypt & Towers of Time combined into a board-style game, where you face off against MK character derivatives and you have to have each of them to obtain koins, new brutalities, fatalities, Kameos (characters that fight alongside your player) & more. It’s not as heavily grind intensive as MK11 & Injustice 2 were, games I really like otherwise, but monotony can be a thing. Really enjoying the story mode. I stopped at the start of Ashrah’s arc, so I’m going some more this weekend to find out. Great game.

    Game Pass get of the month: Gotham Knights. Only played the opening portion of the game, investigating Kirk Langstrom’s lab. Not bad. Played as Batgirl because I love Batgirl. I know it was killed by critics but I always wanted to buy it. I know them low holiday prices about to be lit for the deluxe edition. Currently awaiting for Forza Motorsport to arrive on Game Pass. I don’t even want to know how much space is on that thing.

    Also, games need to be, at least $100 for the base edition. Premium, Ultimate should be $20-30 more if you want to get the whole content outright. I bought Resident Evil 4 Deluxe Edition for $70 back in March. With those graphics, production values, hard working cast & people behind-the-scenes, putting out that quality, I mean, I know we’re supposed to shit on CEOs but the Capcom CEO is on to something. Triple A titles, at least, need to cost a Benjamin to purchase & I love looking for cheaper deals, but I’m also cool if prices go up.

    Expendables 4 is the worst movie of the year if I didn’t see The Flash. Lionsgate decided we needed an R-rating & nearly 10 years of a shitty follow-up with an even shittier follow-up, poorly used Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Andy Garcia & Jason Statham. Most of the movie takes place on a ship & you see all the horrendous green screen. Don’t waste your time, y’all. Peace.

  4. SheetRock215

    Greetings fellow nerds,

    Rod, I agree with everything you said about Starfield. What is also being slept on is the unique skyboxes for each planet. For example, I landed on a random moon to survey and I could see the rings of the planet the moon is orbiting moving in real time in the sky. It is so impressive to me. I have mostly been doing what I can to make money other than crime (although I do smuggle contraband) to fund my ship building hobby. I always drawn in by the ship building in the Xbox Direct and I am enamored with it in the game.

    I also have been playing Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s an amazing game. I think it’s definitely going to win Game of the Year. I remember playing Dragon Age Origins years ago and loving it but thinking about how games in this genre can raise the bar. BG3 does exactly that. It’s definitely a must play for anyone who is into deep RPGs.

    Lastly, on the day that I am typing is comment all of S2 of The Wheel of Time is available to stream on Prime Video. Season 2 is such a step up from Season 1 and I loved Season 1. Most of the main cast have been given deeper storylines and the action/violence is on a new level. I also think it should be noted that we talk about diversity in genres such as fantasy as well as how women are shown and given to do and The Wheel of Time does all those things in the way people say they want it to be done. I mean, in this world men serve the magic using women a sista is the most powerful channeler (magic user) we’ve seen in a thousand years. This show is definitely one of the best I’ve seen this year.

    Alright folks, thank you for the nerdy content. Keep up the great work!


  5. rodimusprime

    G’Day Everyone


    Have a good 1


  6. Sean

    First, apologies to Aaron. I listened to the previous episode after binging ADD space and got confused.

    That being said, I was going to write in to defend the live action Death Note. Then I realized that you were referring to the Netflix live action “Death Note”-ish movie, which I have not seen and will not acknowledge the existence of. The Japanese live action Death Note series. This live action adaptation [to differentiate it from the Musicals as well as the Netflix series that does not exist] is genuinely pretty good. There are four movies, a three episode TV miniseries, and a movie documentary. If you enjoy Death Note and are interested in a decent live-action adaptation, I would definitely recommend it.

    I’ve heard the Musical is good as well, just don’t pull a Boebert and get yourself thrown out…

    • Sean

      Sorry about the editing error.

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