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2776: Gat In The Box

Rod and Karen banter for a bit and then they discuss LGBTQ News, Hasan Minhaj comedy controversy, Keke Palmer says “mind your business” about her relationship, racist neighbor water hoses Black partygoers, a tricky Newsweek article, drug dealer calls cops to report robbery, 2 people attacked at pool for stretching, Jack-in-the-Box employee shoots at customers and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ApiafromGermany

    The glory hole daring show sounds like a great addition to your future TV empire, where you already have “ slavery wasn’t so bad, now with white people”
    It might work better with penis owners. Vagina owners would need to be extremely flexible for it.

    I agree about Hasan Minhaj . I imagine being the girl he asked out , she didn’t like him that way said no, and he didn’t take it well and starting calling her and her family racist.
    That’s some male entitlement. It makes me mad. Man love guilting women for rejecting them already and this sounds like a new trick.

  2. EvieE

    I didn’t realize that Waterhouse story happened a year ago but I was looking up articles and the white man who water hoses that party is of course alleging that the guests were threatening him. I highly doubt that. You know they would have told the police if that was the case. As a wise man once said, I hate slavery.

  3. JB_from_Harlem

    Hey Ya’ll. Congrats on the live show! Forrest Hills is not just the suberbs; it’s a for whites only, even if you have the money type of community. So he has to know someone and be a good negro. If it was me and someone sprayed water all over me and my guests, first of all, any of my guests who weren’t taking off their earrings, heels, or jackets ready to fight, we can’t be friends anymore. Bruh, it’s on-site, full-stop. Congrats on the writers strike!

    Side Note: I live down the street from the Schomburg, and every time I pass it, I think about your Duke skit.

  4. SlickNSlaycious

    The gay science reminds me of when y’all talked about the “sex talk” discussions y’all had at school, and how a third talk or unified talks are needed. Cause those studies also showed the pheromones be pheromonen and we know not everyone is cis-hormonal.
    Thanks for the great show!

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Dracarys for the first story of Fu*king with Black People!
    Five Stars for the episode. I enjoyed your banter (show warm-up).

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