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2778: Pick Up Lines

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. J-Full

    Easiest pickup line that bagged me was a woman asking if my neck tattoo hurt.

  2. Sean

    Samples from a scientific perspective:

    A) novelty reaction, from a neuropsychological perspective, the midbrain DA centers light up to novelty producing dopamine (reward hormone) and noradrenaline (which heightens arousal). By receiving a gift and the fact that it is your first bite in that time, the brain will find it more rewarding and more delicious because it is a novel experience. The first bite of something will have a similar effect, but it won’t be as intense because it is not associated with a novel interaction.

    B) gift effect, an offshoot of the novelty reaction is the gift effect. The gift effect refers to the marketing understanding that we value gifts more than items purchased. In this situation, the interpersonal component is lacking, but the associated novelty reaction is still there.

    C) heat affect, from a molecular gastronomy perspective, heat increases the volatility of tastant molecules making them interact more rapidly. By optimizing sample temperature, the flavor profile can also be optimized. The food that’s behind the counter may be suboptimal. In addition, if it is there too long the Maillard reaction (caramelization) may be overdone leading to bitterness, or it simply may evaporate too much water, increasing viscosity to make the flavor too thick and heavy.

    D) unethical practices, adding extra sauces (or unavailable sauce combinations), or crack to the samples may make them more enticing.

    Without physical samples, this is the best I can do.

    Also, apologies for the late response. I’m overburdened at work and hadn’t had time to respond.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    At least a physician, Ms A. an ads specialist of my daughter was black. I liked her a lot and we had always good conversations. Now we had a new appointment and there is another doctor who told us: Ms A moved to Hamburg and I will be taking over.
    Great. The world doesn’t want me to have any real life relationships with black people I start to think.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    The black kid from my son’s class still exists. But we had school off for the summer and that put our relationship ( saying hi in the morning) on hold. So I was again at 0 black friends because I found it would be too creepy to call him to meet up or something.

    About bad people who are good looking. It’s not only white people. Think about the black Republicans. Their problem isn’t their looks. I’m not giving examples. You know.

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