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2781: Pamela Barrymore

Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. HustleNoFlow

    The thing about Pamela is that she understands that these people have survived outside, but she has no idea the number of wars they’ve been through, the amount of planning, espionage, assassinations (I keep returning to the fact that they really started the war w/ Negan by killing his people in their sleep when the sanctuary didn’t know about them) and diplomacy (establishing the network b/t the kingdom, hilltop, etc). If underestimating was a person, it would be first named Pamela.

  2. EvieE

    Pamela clearly wasn’t thinking. Why would she either not kill off the Alexandrians while she had the chance or let them go? She knew they were about that life and she decided to attempt to kidnap them? This is how you know she lead a sheltered life. She would have been better off saving Hornsby.

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