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PG 382: Falling Off the Finger

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss the festival in the park, dogs, NYC flooding, the alarm in the home, Roy Wood Jr. leaving The Daily Show, the Murdaugh Murders season 2, Flavorful Origins, Gender Wars, eating ET, listener feedback, and pregame news.



    Hey guys back again!

    Just dropped in to say despite all the Jada news that has been going around

    It’s been reported I am legend 2 is gonna to be coming out in 24 (hopefully)

    Starring of course, big will, but also Michael b Jordan and Keanu reeves

  2. SuavyP

    What’s up Pre-game gang! A while ago I made a comment/hot conspiratorial take on the GOP implementing a new strategy of infiltrating the Democratic field of candidates to win in liberal leaning districts, only to then switch to Republican after winning. Well, we have another case of it happening, and this time in Dallas, TX. Mayor Eric Johnson, a “democrat” (and a black…) recently decided to betray the trust of his constituents and went GOP; turning the city into the largest in the Country with a GOP mayor. This is huge in a state that has flirted with potentially leaning blue with the shifting demographics in the state. And could have lasting implications on future election outcomes depending on the policies the GOP will attempt to enact with their new found grip on power in one of the few major liberal pockets in the state. And no matter how much of a shit show the GOP are putting on in congress with the whole Speakership debacle, they continue to push forward with finding all sorts of ways to undermine the will of the majority to stay in power through minority rule…
    On a lighter note, Rod have you been keeping up with the new season of the Morning Show? Mann that show has always had great acting and cleaver nuanced ways to address current events, but this season has this new young black lady acting her ass off! Which is saying something when you have the likes of Jennifer Anniston on the same show. One episode in particular this season involving the young black actress was so intense yet extremely satisfying to watch. Her non-verbal acting was so palpable, it jumps off the screen. It’s truly a work of art in great drama and I hope she gets some form of recognition come awards season. I can’t recommend enough.


    What’s good y’all?

    Hope everything is good with you guys

    Over the last weekend I saw a trailer for a movie called heist 88, it stars Courtney b Vance , Craig David and some niggaz! It was a cool movie! it went straight to paramount plus/showtime. It was about a heist (duh) , of a bank back in the 80s! In Chicago. They say some events in the movie really did happen! While watching, it brought. Back memories of movies like dead presidents, catch me if you can, and Italian job!

    Shout out to Mary J blidge, for teaming up with Pepsi and Hampton university to give out a scholarship to a young black girl.

    The qualifications are:

    Self-identify as female

    Be a current college sophomore undergraduate at Hampton University

    Plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at Hampton University for the entire 2024 – 2025 academic year

    Be pursuing one of the following degrees: Business Administration, Marketing, Arts, Finance or Creative Design

    Have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent)

    Don’t think that too much to ask for to receive 30k!

    And lastly,

    Dj vlad of YouTube fame, came out with a post about the Gaza/israeli conflict where he called out Drake and dj khaled! I thought his opinion on them was kinda crazy! Look what happened to Kylie Jenner, showing support for Israel…. Backlash! With the recent release of Drake album and khaled having some other things going on at the moment, the last thing I would see is them speaking on this topic! Which is something that has been going on for quite some time, off and on! If Drake don’t have knowledge on the conflict why would I want to hear from him? Also anyone who follows Drake like that not looking to see what he thinks about this issue. Dj vlad is Russian, I wonder if he spoke about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

    You guys have a good one



    I can only speak for myself, I’m enjoying the year later recaps of twd, thank you

    And also I added drapetomaniax to the rotation of podcasts! After your maga libs episode, I said now that I’m caught up with the regular shows, I will start to listen this podcast

    I’ll speak on it next week but I am excited to listen

  4. RoninRaphael

    What’s good my three musketeers of podcasting,

    I finally saw the Meg vs that Canadian dude documentary on Max and was disappointed in the “both sides” attempt by the film makers. They really went out of their way to get randoms folks to build the shooters alibi when they had DA, testimony witness and more on Meg’s side. That was just tacky in my opinion and giving hi5s to the misogynistic blokes out there.

    Anyway, I felt better after cleansing that distaste by watching an episode of Naked Attraction. It was funny good and once again Rod was right (play that song), dating is where discrimination is accepted. This show is proof. Also Wrestlers on Netflix ended in a feel good way, now I’m ready to go back to watching fuckery.

    Oh, btw I heard one of the GOP who got McCarthy out, he’s from Tennessee. Ted he likes to be called. He was all talk about single mums and poor people in his constituency blah blah and that’s why he hates government overspending. I just wished he was asked why anytime they want cuts, it’s what helps the people who he claims to care about the most that get hit first? He was all about shutdown won’t affect cause everyone will be fine, a great depression is what he is trying to avoid. We need to ban that Tennessee liquor not made by us, too many crazies getting away with drinking it!

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