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2788: Hamilton Hocks

Rod and Karen discuss cozy games in VR, seeing an Instagram birthday in the wild, Anthony Hamilton grits, music, Jada Pinkett Smith’s book, 48 Oyster-gate, babysitting at gunpoint, woman threatening to shoot up McDonald’s, sex doll burglary, sword ratchetness and the conflict in the Middle East.

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  1. ajmartin22

    I found these shorts on a channel I subscribe to on YouTube about Jada Pinkett Smith dishing all the tea on her marriage among other things. I found them funny because of the captions on the video about the people who were minding their own business and don’t really care.

    My thoughts on Jada telling everyone her business is we do not need to know intimate details about your marriage and some things are better left unsaid.

    Here are the links to the videos:


  2. EvieE

    The Will and Jada story goes to show that people either have short term memories or that they only pay attention to what they want. When Will’s book came out a few years ago he mentions in his book that they’ve been separated for years and that he’s been unfaithful but yet Jada is being villainized for basically providing a more accurate timeline. Sounds like this is the kind of marriage they chose and want to be in so I wonder if maybe people would care as much if Will had not slapped Chris Rock.

    The 48 oyster girl wasn’t that wild to me because it feels like she did that to get him off her back, that is if it was real. I can’t imagine anyone actually being that obnoxious on a real date if they didn’t have an agenda. Either way her tip was trash.

  3. ThePinkSuperhero

    How is a video influencer filming themself to talk about their life sad? I like to hear and see content about people’s lives – it’s one reason I like podcasts! Don’t be throwing stones in that glass house 😉

  4. HustleNoFlow

    Looks like the oyster content went mainstream:


  5. ApiafromGermany

    Jada and Will are messy in my opinion.
    I dont think she is the evil one or something but they both claim to want privacy while feeding the public with private info about them. It just got quiet for a bit and they seem bored. And they lied. A pretty big lie for attention.
    I also don’t believe anything what they are saying.
    Please don’t make celebrities your relationship goals even.

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