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2789: BLM BLT

Rod and Karen banter about The Daily Podcast, playing games as a kid, the fall TV schedule, Grimace has no clothes, super fans are annoying and Souplantation. Then they discuss razor blades in Halloween candy hoax, Mickey and Minnie breaking up, Whoopi Goldberg pees laughing, Gender Wars, Black Capitalists, mom keys car on CCTV, woman doesn’t wash hands after peeing, teacher banned after showing porn to students and sword ratchetness.

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  1. C Baby

    I like the banter segment because it reminds me of one of my favorite segments, Random Thoughts. The Soup Plantation jokes were hilarious!

    I think the gender wars video was insidious and aimed at the guys who like those memes where the girl doesn’t pick them, but then comes back around many years and many babies later looking for his attention. It seems a possible takeaway for that audience was to strengthen idea of who they believe women to be and the idea that it doesn’t matter how nicely they treat them.

  2. EvieE

    I’m waffling back and forth about whether the Cheesecake Factory video is real. One, yes Cheesecake Factory may be a chain restaurant but they got the brown bread and a menu as thick as the book, The color purple, not to mention a selection of a hundred cheesecakes. She acts like he took her to McDonald’s. I’ve never seen anyone have such a visceral reaction to the Cheesecake Factory.
    Where I’m unsure is the follow up vids on tik tok where they’re being interviewed to tell their sides of the stories. It seems kinda real but it could be a situation where the lady is trying to build up social media following and she posted that in hopes that women would be on her side to get on this gender wars trend. And she comes off as delusional enough to think she didn’t do anything wrong. I’m on the fence.

    The soup plantation jokes were so funny I nearly peed myself like Whoopi.

  3. Sean

    As a teacher, I would never intentionally show students porn… (there was one situation where students were researching the abuse of animals in medical research that led to some disconcerting image search results, but the statute of limitations has passed on that…)

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I’ve heard the name soup plantation before and found it weird but there are many things in the US I don’t understand ( why people there still use checks, I never used a check in my life, why some people don’t want health insurance and the gun stuff for example ) so what do I know.

    What do black people think when it comes to gender wars? Could be me/ couldn’t be me?
    This is what I think:
    I remember the time I was dating and going out and how I was feeling guilty for even accepting a drink from a guy because I didn’t want him to think I I owed him something. Im not saying it was right or wrong, wait a minute, yes I do.
    In that moment I missed out because I was a poor university student, and couldn’t afford great restaurants or expensive drinks for example but in the long run it was worth it because Im financially independent can afford pretty much whatever I want ( I don’t want very much, so that’s extra good and realistic! I have restaurant and vacation money, not diamonds and private jet money )

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Soup Plantation jokes and slogans earned this episode Five Stars! I love us!

  6. MissTolefree

    Cheesecake Factory is delicious and not only was the acting bad on that video but she was trippin. Like Karen said, at least it wasn’t Soup Plantation! Lol

  7. MissTolefree

    They used to have Soup Plantations in California and one day my coworkers convinced me to go because it was “cheap and delicious”. I’d like to point out that majority of my coworkers were white lol. Went in there and it was PACKED, I’m like okay good sign maybe it is good. Yall, that unseasoned ass food was so bad! I only went the one time and never trusted my coworkers again

  8. bamil73

    Soup Plantation slogans.
    “Soup Plantation – Where all our soups are finger lynchin’ good!”
    “Nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen, but everybody knows Soup Plantation has the best soups at the best prices!”
    “Just call us the whipping post ’cause Soup Plantation will whip your tastebuds into shape!”

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