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PG 383: Always Get The Scenic View

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin’s Cabo trip, Super Mario Wonder, Deadline Strike Talk, Rod going for walks again, Watching: Ice Cold Murder (terrible), The Devil On Trial, Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul, The Hot Spot Lounge, listener feedback and pregame news.

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    Greetings Karen, Justin and Gustav…. (Sorry….Rod )

    Rod I’m loving this podcast, I’m hearing you through and through and just laughing while listening, I think so far my fav eps are diaspora wars 1&2 and the vaccine ep with jL. Consider this a podcast recommendation! You getting to learn and laugh! If you was like this, no one would drop out and we would all have PhDs. And that is the B. A. T. Or black ass truth!

    Moving on, Justin I, too, went to dreams at Cabo some years back. My wife and I have been to their resorts all over including Jamaica, Saint Maarten, Dominican Republic, Cancun and more. My favorite one has been jamaica. And most recently visited cucrcao. It’s not just dreams they have other names for their sister hotels, such as secrets and breathless! They were just bought by Hyatt as you mentioned.

    You guys have a great weekend

    Appreciate yall

    Fyahworks. Out

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