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BDS 493: Burned Bridges

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Miles Bridges being arrested, the Hornets’ bad vibes, Kevin Porter Jr traded, the WNBA finals, Trevor Bauer lawsuit dismissed, Tristan Thompson accused of not seeing his child, Simone Biles officially the GOAT, Aaron Hernandez attorney say he died by suicide, Olympic flag football, Favre refuses to release taxes, Mary Lou Retton GoFundMe, Pat McAfee pays Rodgers for interviews, Steve Smith sons Jerry Jeudy, Sergio Brown apprehended, Ng leaves Marlins, Antonio Brown arrested, Shannon Sharpe’s makeup, Stinger Ale, TO struck by vehicle, Roger Goodell contract extension, Travis Kelce buys new mansion, Mercury hire man with no WNBA experience, Michigan stealing signs, Clippers new arena, Damian Lillard’s ex exposes his “Family Man” image and cool feature on Amazon Prime football.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jonnor Stalions,

    I hope all is well.

    As an Ohio State fan, my most principled stance is that I hate Michigan. The NCAA is an unprincipled house of cards built on keeping the players broke…but if they hem up a school I hate? You love to see it.

    Having hoped for Michigan’s downfall as a program, I have been having a wonderful week hearing about Connor Stallions recording plays from 12 of 13 Big Ten teams and other playoff contenders. The NCAA and Big Ten Conference keep reporting on more and more evidence with each passing day. This white man was paying people to work with him on his public Venmo even, including Harbaugh’s son on the coaching staff. To be clear, I’m not rooting for the NCAA as much as I’m rooting for misfortune and misery to befall Michigan. The NCAA ain’t built to handle actual problems, let alone teams that can be smart about cheating. But the NCAA *is* built to handle the dumbest and loudest violations possible.

    And even if the NCAA or Big Ten conference don’t really do anything, this confirms one thing: Jim Harbaugh is gonna leave Michigan after this season, which means Michigan is headed back to the dirt and I could not be happier! *I CANNOT WAIT!* Jim Harbaugh probably gonna have Caleb Williams putting up *numbers* next year on the Chargers!

    Um, I’m not sure Deshaun Watson is actually hurt anymore and he’s just done the math that he doesn’t really need to play to get all that money the Browns *enthusiastically* forked over to him. It ain’t stealing if the break their own back trying to give you the money. I am so glad I kicked that narcotic.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for the dope shows,



  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod Karen and Jichigan State. For some people trouble always seems to find them. But Michigan State as a staff, school and organization them motherfuckers go out their way to find trouble. Never thought I would witness a college football game where there would be more Nazis on the scoreboard than points. And not just nazi trivia but a Hitler fun fact’s question. What will they do next? Little known facts about Castro, or Jerry Sandusky? As always peace and welcome back NBA!!


    Rod, Karen, Justin Herbert, what’s good, y’all?

    Really thought Mahomes-Herbert would actually be more of a nailbiter, especially since their previous match-ups were certainly tense one-score affairs that came down to one play. I’m not completely off the Herbert hype, he’s been basura, as of late. While that Chargers defense is more cheeks than Charles Barkley’s performative tone with Adam Silver on Domestic Violence, he’s really not making those “whoa, momma” plays like Pat, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson or even Trevor Lawrence is making like Justin made in his first couple of years. Not to mention he’s getting playing like The Million Dollar Man to be the next becoming but he’s just another Charger bitten by the incurable disease of Chargering. It bit Philip Rivers & Dan Fouts, too. Blowing that 27-0 lead in last year’s Wild Card against Jacksonville certainly didn’t help matters. Or how he handled the defense against front running ass Dallas on MNF. His stock is cratering, right now. Staley will be fired & he’ll be on his third head coach in five years. For shits & giggles, he even got that Cowboys curse because of Kellan Moore being his offensive coordinator.


    What’s good Rod, Karen, and Chris jOlave

    Rod, please, ( insert Ray Lewis here)

    So Chris Olave of the New Orleans saints, a wide receiver, was receiving them tickets and them cuffs after speeding through a Nola suburb, doing 70 in a 35! Chris you can’t be speed through them white folk neighborhoods with your sports car bro.

    In black capitalism news, Myles Garrett of the Cleveland blacks is buying a minority stake in the Cleveland Blacks and I love this for him

    Steph curry who recently got a new deal with under amour to form the curry brand has just signed de Aaron Fox to his shoe line and I love this even more. And I think Steph has done great things with his shoe deal like making sure girls/women had colorways for them, but also listening to what they were looking for in a sneaker so shout out to Steph!!!

    Lastly just want you guys thoughts on the nba going back to the or I find with the all star game! Mean the way it used to be, no more draft no more target score! East vs west!!!
    The new for art only lasted I think 5 years or so, so it wasn’t around long enough to say I’ll miss it! But at the same time it don’t matter to me! I’m more interested this year in see how this cup tournament works out, being that they adapted it from soccer!

    You guys rock


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