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2793: Brain McKnight Starting Back At One

Rod and Karen banter about ordering noodles, tipping, a tub cleaning hack, buying candy during Halloween, the Gameboy needs to grow up, and moths vs butterflies. Then they discuss Coronavirus News, NJ removes anti-Hamas billboard, Dave Chappelle triggers audience with his support of Palestine, Suge Knight launching a podcast, Jada says Oscar’s slap reunited her and Will, Tim Scott campaign grinding down, Gender Wars: Brian McKnight, sexualization in hip hop and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    At this point whenever I see Will and Jada’s name on social media, I just scroll past. Just let me know when the next bad boys movie comes out, otherwise I can’t be bothered.

    Brian McNight is such a weirdo. Someone posted online somewhere that they went to one of his recent shows and he spent a chunk of it disparaging his older three kids. I would be concerned if I was the new wife seeing how he could treat his other kids like this he can easily turn on her and her kids too. I hope there’s no prenup so in case of a divorce she takes him to the cleaners. It’s what he deserves.

  2. Bokai

    The genders wars seems to be everywhere nowadays. It’s as if the death of Kevin samuels and the arrest of Andrew Tate has opened a vacuum. Also wow Brian McKnight awarded “Ain’t Shit Dad” 3 years in a row

  3. Sean

    Life Hack:
    For an pan that you’ve just used for cooking, especially oily food… add some water and a used tea bag. Boil the water and let it cool down… it will cut the oil a lot meaning less soap, and it will prevent rust! You can also use tea bags or coffee grounds to reduce odors in your fridge/freezer.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Im confused by Jada and Will, but it is still interesting.
    Good to know that you can be so extremely rich, attractive, popular and still a mess.
    Especially questionable to me is her talking about Tupac being her soulmate. He has been dead since 1996. ( i just checked it) The good thing about dead people is, they don’t change anymore and don’t disappoint you, an ideal space for your own projections. And it was a time when they both were young and had only small responsibilities. I’m about 100% sure, if he was alive now, there would be no soulmate talk about him.

  5. Mwangangi

    Karen said “the Folding Chair” with nary a hitch or pause! We love it!

  6. ginagate

    I was listening to the podcast while on hold trying to get a COVID test. It’s so hard now that at – home tests are a thing!! $70 at CVS, no insurance accepted, and even getting through to the primary care to get one is difficult. My mother has caught it twice in the past 2 weeks. She doesn’t live with us, but we’ve visited; I’ve started masking again, out of caution.

  7. earnestdotcom

    About those collect calls from jail, it reminded me of getting collect calls to the request line from the jail when I was on the college radio station. They would make their requests in the upfront, so we didn’t have to accept the charges. I’d get a bunch of “You have a collect call from _Hey! Play some Master P!” or “You have a collect call from _ Can I get a shout out to Cellblock J!?”

    I would get in trouble for taking their requests; but I figured hey, they’re listening so why not? That being said, I definitely agree with you Rod. There’s no reason to transfer calls over to the girls dorm. I’m glad nobody called us with that particular brand of foolishness.

    Anyway, thanks for the show, y’all. And shout out to Cellblock J.

  8. Langston

    Karen I hate cleaning the tub too.
    Do y’all have one of those electric scrubbers?
    I’ve been wanting one for a while but I’m not sure how well they work outside TikTok

  9. Newsy

    In reference to the second gender wars clip – I’m not a huge hip hop afficionado but when something grabs me I love it. I got really into the “Hillbillies” track by Kendrick and Baby Keem and that beat goes so hard, I just have to also listen to babies rap about getting head on their bunk beds. That part isn’t my favorite, but the rest is too good to not listen. This guy needs to keep it a buck and just either be full on respectability politics and come for Everyone or shut the fuck up.

  10. Justin

    I agree with Karen, the first time I went to Noodles and Company I was like “Yes, I love noodles, this place that specializes in noodles will surely be great”.

    Mediocre at best.

    But they do have one or two decent items on it.

  11. ApiafromGermany

    Moths vs butterflies.
    Of course the bright animal gets all the credit while the beautiful dark majestic one is feared and seen as creepy. It’s like with black dolphins. Wake up people! ( but don’t bother the moths)

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