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2794: Genderventions

Rod and Karen banter about magic erasers, grocery lists, talking for a long time, the NBA’s return, the 10 crack commandments and R&B songs with rap verses in them. Then they discuss LGBTQ News, Jim Jones wants Jada’s crack receipts, DJ Envy involved with Ponzi scheme, Lil Wayne wax figure, Whoopi Goldberg affected by mocking of her Oscars outfit 30 years later, Election news, man allows people to rob store in exchange for crack, woman robs her sugar daddy, pilot tries to crash plane and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m so confused. When did crack make a comeback? I thought the main drugs were heroine and meth now. It’s gotta be the saddest thing in the world being a crackhead in 2023.

  2. JLCauvin

    Equicrack got a big LOL from me. And regarding the Big Pun and other sexual interludes, the one example of it being real that I know is Guns N Roses’ lead singer Axl Rose, who actually used audio of him having sex with Steven Adler (the band’s drummer)’s girlfriend in the studio on the song Rocket Queen.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Quick question for Karen: Do you use the Magic Eraser with the Easy Off in the tub? Or is it an either or? A few years ago, you talked about the electric scrubber for the tub. I got one six months ago. It is a knee, back and life saver. I use the gel toilet rim cleaner for my tub because it’s skinny nozzle allows for more direct & controlled application in the crevices of the tile and under the suctions of the shower mat.

  4. HustleNoFlow

    You mentioned that conservative host, Steve Dease, talking about the cucking of parents or whatever. Spotify puts a lot of promotion behind that guy. I hear his commercials all the time when in the middle of music, and i don’t know what about Project Pat or Tobe Nwigwe makes the algorithm think that I want to hear that podcast. And he’s so bombastic. Biden and liberals and godlessness all front and center in the ads. Like the other bombastic hosts, you can smell the grift through the headphones.

  5. veroyque

    I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson mention, yay! I love that show so much and I’m glad to hear you all like it too. (From the newest season, I think about the “Is Ronnie here for the right reasons?” sketch with the guy zip lining into the pool on a parody dating show all the time. “Carmelo said your face looks like a clock.”)

  6. ApiafromGermany

    When it comes to politics, I always agree so much with Rod, it’s strange. We seem to be on exact the same level of left.
    People used to say only the left would in-fight and the right would unite when it’s important. Well that’s over. Good. That will weaken them.

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