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2803: Achievement Unlocked

Rod and Karen banter about real-life Xbox achievements, the Twin Flames documentary and Bass Reeves. Then they discuss updates to the Keke Palmer saga, Tim Scott drops out of race, SCOTUS adopts new code of ethics, J Hud smashing Common, DoorDash warns non-tippers, Whoopi Goldberg criticizes millennials, medical students contemplating quitting, Ramona Singer n-word controversy, FDA planning to ban certain hair-straightening chemicals, drunk man arrested in Florida, roof fireworks may have started fire, haunted house assault and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ginagate

    I was just listening to an NP. R. Podcast about cozy games. I remember karen was talking about them and was wondering if she could give a recommendation for a nooby. Thanks, love the podcast as always.

  2. EvieE

    That twin flames documentary on Netflix was wild. There is another documentary that came out in October on Prime about this group that was also good and I recommend. I think the difference between the two documentaries is that the Prime documentaries focuses more on the two scammers and the Netflix documentary focuses more on the victims but both pretty mind boggling. I still don’t understand how people are in a cult on zoom. And those two weirdos convinced people to transition when they weren’t trans. I just don’t understand being that lonely.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    One more about the FDA.
    The chief scientist is a black woman, since 2022. I looked it up. This seems to me like progress and also a possible explanation why they are looking closer at products harming black women especially. She is not ignoring it anymore.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I dont see how what the FDA is doing now can be seen as bad. Ok it can have some negative effects but in the end its good. They investigated and found problems with the stringing products. Imagine them finding out and not acting. If this got public. And it also protects the people who deal with these products at work. They would be at high risk of getting harmed way more then their customers because of the high exposure to those products.

    • ApiafromGermany

      Straightening products.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    About the housewives, I agree with Rod.
    Obviously, don’t be racist.
    I don’t watch the housewives, but I know, when you dot create drama as a cast member, you loose your gig.
    So it’s a fine line to be messy, but not too much.

    Hair straighteners:
    I believe in the chemical industry. They will find a way to create less harmful products when they have to.
    And the FDA’s job is to regulate the market for health reasons. So they do exactly what they are supposed to.

    Generation bashing:
    I find it boring. The human race doesn’t change so much in 30 years.
    Millennials are like 40 now. Stop it.

  6. Keith

    I think my biggest real life “Achievement Unlocked” moment is when I wash and dry my clothes, fold them, and put them away in the same day.

    Other ones:
    -Remembering to put gas in my car *before* I have to go to work the next day
    -Going to bed at a responsible time (which I am failing to do right now, up writing this comment)
    -Making the last payment on a car note (rare achievement sound)

  7. Karmenjay

    The daring duo that got caught with the fireworks couldn’t have had a better name. Stokes & Gun?!? It’s giving Hall & Oates vibes, Riggs & Murtagh… they need a show.

  8. Langston

    I feel like you should get an achievement every time your direct deposit hits your bank account

  9. Bokai

    Whoopi reminds me of a relative. After I took a break from college and moved back home, she chastised me for not paying for school, having my own place, and working a job. I had to pull out a calculator and adjust everything she listed for inflation to show her it’s not 1975 anymore. I’m not saying the home and 2.5 kids is impossible, it’s just significantly harder to obtain.

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