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2804: Okay, Boomer

Rod and Karen revisit yesterday’s episode because we will not be gaslit!

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  1. katrinapavela

    Julie was being the definition of TRIGGERED. She went off on y’all about the disappointment of her life and couldn’t see she had much in common w/ the plight of Millennials. Low key I think as a Boomer she’s ashamed to even share a financial plight with Millenials.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    You said nothing bad about older people.
    When generations are fighting each other, the super rich who are getting richer every year are winning. Noone is looking at them.
    Trump is over 70. Do we have to be nice to him now because he is older too?

  3. EvieE

    I have been a long time listener and have supported this show. I usually agree with most of everything you say. But the slander against Arby’s is insane. Do you expect us Arby’s lovers to just drop dead? They have the meats.

  4. rodimusprime

    Rod & crew,
    you discussed early voting for elections in your local area and its importance.
    Because we live in unincorporated Cobb county (Ga – which turned blue in 2020), all the elections are for the different cities within the county and not in general. My wife keeps asking if we should be voting and I have to remind her that because we are not part of a city there is nothing for us to vote for on the ballot if they even gave us a ballot.

    Also not long ago, my wife and I attended a town hall meeting by the chairperson of the Cobb County Commission (a Black woman) to hear her speak on the status of the county and answer Q&As. Well let me tell you, MAGA whites never fail to disappoint (chef’s kiss) – this white man came to the mic to ask a Black woman what the county was going to do to stop “this undertone trend of urbanization of the county, he wanted Cobb to stay Cobb and not become Atlanta” and that he moved to Cobb in 1986 because it was not Atlanta.
    Well she took a deep breath and asked the head of the zoning committee when did Cobb see it’s biggest explosion of residents – he told her it was in the 1985-1987 time frame.
    So she looks back at Mr. MAGA and tells him, he is the reason Cobb is growing so fast and becoming “urbanized”; you moved here and want the same conveniences you had in Atlanta.
    You increased all the neighborhoods being built and all the traffic on the roads. Nowhere in metro Atlanta will not be the same because more and more people are moving to metro Atlanta and moving further out for affordable housing and clogging up the roads with traffic.

    He sat back down and guess because he didn’t get his “gotcha” moment.

    Love the show as always

  5. Mary

    Wow, this was wild. I’m 56 years old and been listening since 2016, and when I heard her email I was like “What show is she talking about???” The only time I’ve ever felt talked down to is when you denigrate the sugar grits people, but I’ve never felt like you dealt in ageism. Anyway, I do feel bad for Julie as it sounds like she’s really going through it, but still not a reason to vomit all that stuff on you all. Keep up the good work, young folk!

    • Sean

      In Rod’s defense… sugar grits are an atrocity that are likely a violation of the Geneva Convention…

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