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2807: Lonely, Angry and Sad

Rod and Karen discuss how the discussion of the Marvel’s Box Office lead to Rod having much deeper thoughts about society as a whole. Join us for this meandering, rambling conversation won’t you?

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  1. Sofa_King

    I wouldn’t call this Gender Wars content, but how would you rank it as scripted Tik Tok content? Because ain’t no way that buddy is just walking around carrying ten racks to randomly challenge women to weightlifting contests:



    Hey Rod & Karen. In my situation, being single does work out but as of late, I have been making some choices that probably are for the best that I just wait until my money situation is better. In relating to the overall narrative of The Marvels, it was so over the top ridiculous, there are some publications & critics you just can’t rely on anymore. They’ll justify it under, “but we need the outrage for clicks” & my retort is, have you tried NOT being so racially insensitive to one Nia DiCosta? Film was agenda-ed from the start & couldn’t get away from all the people flat out dogging it before it came out. Long story short, I liked it. I wrote a long thing for Spoiled Movie Reviews, so I want to retread old territory.

    Doesn’t help that Variety & other dailies ask the Ridley Scott’s & Chris Nolan’s of the world the same annoying question about comic book movies, which have existed for basically over 30+ years.

    Y’all did get me thinking about loneliness, which I’m absolutely no stranger to. I desperately want something better, something more in my life than what I currently have. Had a friend that I befriended on Snapchat in 2017 & I thought we really hit it off & then over time, we just ended up parting ways, because I started to noticed how “too online” I was. I got rid of Snapchat & a couple of porno-Twitter inspired apps.

    At a point, it just became harder to unsee that a lot of this started to feel like I was chasing something totally unrealistic. I needed to find purpose. Something better than being an avatar on the internet. Not that I don’t show my face, this shit is just lots of sadness. A lot of movie talk on the internet is just a bevy of sadness, filled with people talking about “the old days” & lack of originality. Then again, you can use that with just about anything & overtime, you begin to realize, that’s the internet talking. Kevin Smith & Ben Affleck were right twenty-two years later. No wonder those dudes either aren’t on these platforms as much (Smith) or not at all (Affleck). It exploits depression & joy.

    As for movies in 2024? I don’t know if I’ll go to as many films in theaters because I want something different, something better. Certainly need a flexible job. Something I’ve wanted for a very long time & do other shit. I want to go to more comedy shows, I mean, I met Chris Lamberth for the first time. Dude was so dope & kind with his time. We talked about films.

    This Internet shit can be good but it’s so rare that people in unison can turn off the cynicism from all sides because that anger is like Kylo Ren holding on to Darth Vader’s legacy. It kills the soul.

    Glad you both talked about this, because even I have actually grown weary of these conversations; they’re just in good faith anymore or genuine. Marvel Studios will be fine & will have to adjust like every other studio. Even the indie studios are adjusting (i.e. A24, Neon, Bleecker Street, etc). Just because Joaquin Phoenix’s in long ass Beau is Afraid, doesn’t mean people will come. Matter of fact, as someone who just watched Napoleon, I wouldn’t come for his boring-ass performance (though Vanessa Kirby cooked, so not her fault). You just need something more. Take care y’all & hope you both had great Thanksgivings.

  3. EvieE

    I went to see the marvels in the theater because it looked like a fun movie and it was. I enjoyed it. This movie didn’t get promoted as much as the typical marvel movie because of the strike and people don’t seem to get that. I think Marvel will be just fine especially if they do a good job with the fantastic 4 movie. They really can’t do worst than the one with Michael b Jordan. That movie was complete ass. Also the x men movies will generate buzz as well.

  4. sakurapendragon

    Hi it’s Ro, I left 2 voice mails and just wanted to clarify I was referring to this episode. Thank you both!

  5. Angela

    Awesome episode!! I noticed the deluge of anti-Marvel (the movie and the company) videos. You are right that people are skipping over logic, critical thinking, and assessment of what is happening in the industry. It reminds me of the high school cliques ganging up on certain folks so they can feel important and have a sense of community. The entire podcast episode made sense; it’s all related. I just unfollowed Clarkisha Kent because he made an Insta screed announcing that “she wasn’t going to fight with anyone about her not voting for ‘Genocide Joe'”. I need to maintain my peace of mind. When I read the post, I wondered why she had to share that unless she truly was looking for a fight. Her post seemed like a virtue signal (excuse my GOP moment), and I just can’t believe some Black people have become single-issue voters over Palestine. What Israel is doing is genocide and horrific, but how could they think Trump or any of those horrible Republicans do or try to do the right thing when it comes to Palestine and look out for her interests as a Black woman. Perhaps she is getting her content fix, while also depending on the rest of us to do the right thing and vote for Joe so she can sit back and complain loudly about how horrible and evil he is.

    Regarding the movies, we go every other week because our eldest son lives with autism and that is his favorite thing. We go masked up and don’t bring in the snacks the way we used to because of Covid. If we didn’t have to take him these movie trips, we would definitely not go as often. I will be hitting the Rennaissance movie and The Color Pruple.

    Love you guys!

  6. Sofa_King

    I’ve seen exactly two movies in the theater since COVID came out: Wakanda Forever and The Marvels. And if you ask me when the next movie is I’m going to see in the theater, I ain’t got nothing for you.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I only go to the movies when I’m on vacation and I see 1 movie a year in a movie theater. For me it’s a time issue. I dont have 4 hours to spend even in a weekend.
    I have an extremely busy life but noone needs to feel sad for me because it’s what I choose and I have a lot of great stuff in my life ( love and family, a career, money, exercise and even a dog) so thats just fair.

    • ApiafromGermany

      I’ve seen Barbie this year in a movie theater and that’s it.
      Btw we have a projector at home ( only, no classic TV device) and so watching a movie here is pretty sweet.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    Update on my new potential friend for those who me support me on my journey :

    She accepted my LinkedIn contact and wrote me:
    So cool that you found me!
    And I said: I listen! And now we can communicate without getting in trouble with Marlon ( yoga teacher)

  9. Itsmee

    As far as why people are going to the movies less, money is a factor. Ticket prices are twice as much as they used to be and there are no kid prices anymore. At least by me. I wanted to see Marvels, as I usually see all CBMs, for a Sunday matinee, but there were no matinee prices. So yes I have all the streams I will wait because life is lifing… As I type this you just mentioned this

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