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2808: Marvel Fatigue Fatigue

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. shanna

    Hey Rod and Karen da Gawd,

    I’m chronically behind so this isn’t specific feedback but if I kept holding it, I was going to write a dissertation. I just wanted to say THAT LADY TRIED TO LIE ON YOU AND ROD SAID “WE WILL NOT HAVE IT OH!” Nah seriously, I thought you handled the discussion and the response well. I have a lot of Marvel thoughts so I’ll send that into The Nerd Off. I’m just glad we all see the media slant. Appreciate your take on things. even when I DO agree with it. Had to switch it up on y’all 😉 – shanna

  2. EvieE

    Black Friday seems to have evolved and that’s probably for the best. No one is fighting over those marked up televisions anymore. I remember people would leave to go stand in line out in the cold after thanksgiving dinner for Black Friday sales. That was pure madness.

  3. Sean

    Dr. Rodimus Morrow Prime Tips-Goodman pre PhD, you earned that title in Lonely, Angry, and Sad dropping logic bombs like dAristotle, the “d” is silent.

    Then, in the middle of another dissertation on reasonability you rewrote Titanic for me.

    First, I am a huge fan of “Humans are the Worst”movies. These are movies like Planet of the Apes, Starship Troopers, and Avatar that are framed on the human perspective while also having humans be the villains. Now I have to watch Titanic again, while placing it in this category…

    Always enjoy listening, keep it going!

  4. Yaytoonday

    I just came here to drop this bar: Commiserate = Co-misery. You’re welcome

  5. IamSashaPierce

    I just had a messed up thought. What if Apia’s potential new friend listens to the show …? Lol

    Anyway, happy holidays, Rod and Karen, and good luck Apia!

    • ApiafromGermany

      I of course already had this thought ( because of my brain disorder)
      My conclusion: It’s unlikely and if she did it’s not like I’m planning to murder her. So if she wouldn’t find it even a bit funny, better she knows now how I operate. This calmed me. Thanks therapy.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    About being a self made woman or not.
    Almost no one is self made. That’s my opinion!
    Of course the level of support differs.
    I don’t know if it’s cool in Germany to point out how hard you had it but I fear I play this card way too little, because I often forget that I’m an immigrant in my regular life and I only on occasion meet other ones. In my old team and in my current team I was the only person not born in Germany. Hey I seem to have made it! It’s only when Mr Apia says something about a children program and if I also watched it, the answer is always no.
    What’s funny is, I have the former poor person disease.
    This month, I look at my pay slips and see that I will get double the regular money. First feeling is FEAR: What. Will I get in trouble, what’s happening. Than I remember that it’s November and it’s in my contract that the November is double money. The next feeling is GUILT:
    I must be doing great if I can just forget this fact. I obviously have gotten too spoiled.
    Next feeling is: FEAR OF FAILURE:
    This can all go away and I’ve gotten used to it.
    Next feeling: MORE GUILT:
    I should do more good with my money. I stated paying for school for a 17-teen year old girl in Uganda this year so this makes me calm for a minute.
    But what if it all goes away? I should also burry this money somewhere for bad times, but where?
    Apia, you are sensible with money and made great investments. And you still buy some stuff second hand and don’t throw money away. You are fine. Support some people in need and it’s fine.
    FEELING SOMEHOW OK until next time.
    If you suggest therapy, I’ve done it and that’s how I can watch my thoughts and laugh about them instead of taking them always seriously.

    My new potential friend asked me about my regular yoga classes and I gave her my phone number. There was lots of hihihi involved. This might actually get somewhere!

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