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2809: The Boatlot

Rod and Karen banter about going to Hornets games, video games, the box office, cornrows in science fiction, Dollar Menunaires, Skinamax movies, cleaning up fight scenes in fiction, Matt Rife’s special, Black Friday over before it starts and a Thanksgiving lifehack. Then they discuss Matt Rife, Megan Thee Stallion no a freak anymore, a cruise being canceled at the last minute, Derek Chauvin gets stabbed, TX woman banned from cruise line over CBD, Slim Thug apologizes for Cassie comments, Sean John canceled at Macy’s, Uncle Luke upset over grooming accusations, ambition mail theft, woman rob’s man before pouring detergent on him, grocery store bagger allegedly steals a million and sword ratchetness.

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    Hey Rod & Karen. Probably the most disingenuous thing about the box office & many people before me have mentioned it, but it’s the “reasoning” of how Killers of The Flower Moon & Napoleon’s box office grosses don’t matter juxtaposed to their budget. We know The Marvels won’t come close to making the required amount to break even theatrically & that it does cost more than those two films, specifically. Cool. Fine. Using Apple as this company that “can afford it” vs Disney who somehow “can’t afford it” is not only absurd but mad disingenuous. Both are what, top five corporations that are pretty much in the “too big to fail” range & one company is not this virtuous pollyanna company? Nah. Bullshit. And I say that as someone who loved the fuck out of Killers of the Flower Moon & Scorsese’s incredible direction but like a lot of film recently, the bank ain’t breaking. It just ain’t. 2019 ain’t walking through that door.

    2023 has been front loaded for just about everything, not just Marvel Studios. Look at March, for example: For every Scream VI, you had a Creed 3, John Wick 4, Shazam 2 & Dungeons & Dragons. Summer was down despite Spider-Man, Guardians 3, Barbie, Oppenheimer & the multitude of hit making horror flicks.

    All these corporations having streaming apps, thinking they can shoo away cable Nah, man.

    Also, these prices are too high to just go to theaters. It’s a lot of mess.

  2. EvieE

    I kind of took Megan Thee Stallion saying she wasn’t a freak anymore as sarcasm. I think she’ll still be freaky but may be not mess with industry dudes anymore because they are the worst. I can’t blame the good sis. However she meant it, I wish her the best.

  3. EvieE

    I’m aware of Matt Rife because he always popped up on my tik tok feed and I found the clips on Tik tok funny so I checked out the Netflix special. Honestly I fell asleep and 15 minutes in and wasn’t interested in going back to watch it. I don’t remember the jokes I heard or how I felt about it so I can’t say if it was good or not. But I think a lot of women feel betrayed by him because they think he’s a good looking guy and he was supposed to be one of the good ones. I wonder if the hurt would be the same if he looked like a troll.

  4. kristenT2617

    About the Matt Rife situation. As a millennial with 2 teen daughters, the discourse about him is more than just he’s handsome that makes him funny. My wife and I have been talking about him and the way that the “simp economy.” He gained traction solely on crowd work where he seemed like a feminist. And that is the biggest reason he got the Netflix special. He went from being fully propped up by a decidedly female audience online, to doing an opening joke about DV and saying he’s here for the boys. Leading to all the women who liked him to feel betrayed. And now he got attention and success from women viewers, and is holding up his careee with toxic men.

  5. meikomh

    “Jilled-off”?!! Rod, I would like to say in the words of Karen-‘what the hell wrong with you?’ The chuckle I chucked, the holler I let out and the giggle I will get every time I think of the phrase “jill-off” will keep me entertained for a long time. Also-regarding Megan Thee Stallion deciding to take a break from being a freak: We can read a lot into what she says based on everything we see going on in her music/life but I didn’t take her message as her implying she wants to change her image or narrative. It seems like all she really said was she’s turning over a new leaf by being stingy with the box because it’s toxic out in these streets. I believe she would like to keep being her freaky self if these n-gas weren’t so damn weird. K…thanks for the laughs and great conversations…Byeeeee

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I admire the dedication of a white person with dreadlocks. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t support it or think that it’s a good idea.
    No one likes a white person with dreadlocks.
    Black people dont, because of cultural appropriation. Racist white people dont, because it’s still a black hairstyle for them. Progressive white people know that it’s not a great idea, so they also don’t like it. Maybe some other white people with dreadlocks do, but I noticed they often are the only one in a social circle.
    Interesting how they come to the point to notice “other hairstyles are also cool“ but not “but if I do them, it’s not helpful“
    When I was 15, I had a friend who had red henna colored dread locks. (a white, blond girl originally) It was so much maintenance for her. Her blond wavy hair refused the structure and she spend hours on rubbing soap and patchouli oil on it to improve the situation .
    I thought she was cool and my parents would have never let me have this hairstyle. ( good, in hindsight)
    She got tons of shit from teachers, kids and other adults for it.
    But she persisted.
    On another note, a few years ago I tried to find out what happened to her, because she was never on social media and so on.
    Well, serious mental illness, schizophrenia. Like, she is institutionalized. Hm.

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