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2810: 616 Day

Rod and Karen banter about running errands, enjoying moments together, treasuring experiences, playing video games, the MCU needs a day, inflation and Captain America. Then they discuss LGBTQ News, Usher’s half time show, Beyonce accused of lightening her skin, Dez Bryant goes a Malika Andrews and sword ratchetness.

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Have you ever 100 percented a video game?


  1. EvieE

    Disney needs to hire you Rod to save the MCU because you have some great ideas.

    The only time I’ve ever completed a game at 100 percent with side quests were the original rpg games that didn’t have 50 different side quests. Now I can’t be bothered. If I can finish the main quest I put that down as a W.

  2. Angela

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I love the 616 idea. Does anyone in your orbit communicate with Marvel? They need to pay you as a consultant.

    I am still fascinated by this box office conversation. I 100% agree with Karen’s take about people suddenly being hypercritical of Marvel once they started focusing on Black, brown, and Asian stories. I am convinced people hated on Haunted Mansion because of its significantly Black cast and Black director. It is a shame they couldn’t properly promote it. Hopefully, studios will learn from that and properly pay and not exploit the talent in the first place, but probably not.

    I went to see WISH with my resistant teenage daughter. It was delightful and clever. I loved the normalization of Black and brown people. Chris Pine was hilarious and shady. Disney went old-style villain. I had a brief GOP moment where I was concerned for the children because they did not hold back on the villainy. The theater was more packed than I have seen since Barbie and Spiderverse. People of all ages were laughing at the jokes and crying at the touching parts. Even my daughter shed some tears. I am a visual artist and it was beautiful seeing the innovative animation and thoughtful artwork. 100 years of animation is quite a feat. Despite the YouTubers saying it was a crap movie, the audience enjoyed themselves. From many of the clickbait reaction video titles, one would think Disney recreated Song of the South and those “jive-talking” crows from Dumbo. Actually, the dude bros section of YouTube would probably praise Disney if they did that.

    Anyway, the world is jacked up, but if people would allow themselves to relax and not approach the few nice things we have with their arms already folded (like Karen brilliantly observed), people might be able to have a little fun and experience some beauty once in a while.

    Love you guys!

  3. PamelaM8

    Hello Rod and Karen –
    I know you talked about it all week, but it bears repeating; the box office is not like it used to be, and I don’t see it coming back. We went to see The Marvels again tonight, because it was FUN! And we’re looking at the Google Calendar, because exactly how often were we going to the movies before? I counted 13 times in 2019, twice in January and February 2020 before the pandemic hit, once in 2021 after vaccination, twice in 2022 and rounding out 2023 with 7 times. I’ve got Disney+, Netflix and all the library copies that I need, so I’m good!

    Also love the idea of 616 Day because that’s my birthday! Would love to spend the day reliving Marvel greatness, and there’s nothing stopping me! Spread it around the interwebs and make sure that you get proper credit!

    Enjoy your week!


  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Ya’lls banter is the chef’s smooches! The way I screamed when you mentioned Tay Tay being sung to by Usher Raymond!
    Five Stars.

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