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2811: Where’s the Link?

Rod and Karen banter about CAPTCHA and Keith Lee giving positive reviews. Then they discuss Spotify Wrapped for 2023, Coronavirus news, Gender Wars, more fallout for Diddy, Jada back, Squid Game lawsuit, Young Thug’s defense lawyer, former teacher makes $1 million from OnlyFans, 56 year old woman starts OnlyFans, woman attacks her Uber Driver, Chick Fil-A worker starts OnlyFans and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sean

    There is a lot of information about serotonin deficiency out there. Some symptoms include: brain fog, paranoia, self-sabotage/harm behavior, and delusions. It is sometimes referred to as Aaron Rodgers brain…

  2. EvieE

    I’m guilty of watching the squid game reality show and it’s been entertaining because it really brings out the best and worst in people. With some creative editing the producers made the red light green light game look like it had only taken ten minutes but to learn they played for 7 hours in the freezing cold is wild. I’m not sure if I want 4 million dollars that badly plus to hear about how they lived in those dorms I know some people were funky as hell. It couldn’t be me. But made for good television.

    There’s a tik tok video of one of Young Thugs lawyer going on a rant about a Bleach filler arc in defense of her client. That’s right a anime arc. And not even a cannon arc in a court of law. When all is said and done, Young Thug is not only going to jail, that nigga is going under the jail.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    You deserve all the sucess you have and I hope your podcast continues to grow and also your wealth.

  4. Tommydeee

    My mother, who just started using YouTube this year to listen to a singer from Kazakhstan, was talking about the Cheesecake Factory video during thanksgiving. Fake or not, it got the attention of all.

    It is hilarious how Rod keeps calling Hoda Kotb “Kathie Lee Hoda”. Might be why we have not seen Kathie. She didn’t step down as co-host, Kathie and Hoda merged together as one super day drinking host to chat us into the third hour of Today everyday.

  5. ApiafromGermany

    Update: my new potential friend just texted me! She asked when I’ll go to yoga next time. It’s on!

    • EvieE

      Why to go Apia!! I’m rooting.

  6. Bokai

    I’m sure someone probably mentioned but I’ll say it. I don’t think yall repeated that story about pepper spraying an Uber driver. It’s happened in San Francisco and Houston

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