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SMR 479: The Killer

Rod gives a solo review of David Fincher’s assassin film, “The Killer.”

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    Far be it from me but I love movies like this. Always have since No Country For Old Men. The Killer isn’t as good as that movie but I really dig its themes of nihilism. Fassbender being the one to carry his inner dialogue didn’t bother me, yet I understand those who weren’t really feeling this. Fincher doesn’t make your typical Good vs Evil type of narrative. His humans in his films, even Alien 3, are very complex. Very dark to a significant degree. David can be up his ass sometimes, but you rarely see directors deviate from humans being fuck ups or in this film’s case: imperfect.

    Even love most of the secondary characters as “means to an end” as they are. Kerry O’ Malley’s Dolores was one of my favorites before she got murked like a Call of Duty multiplayer match by Fassbender. And that fight? My God. Film had it all. Just wish the epilogue was a bit tune up, otherwise, I really liked it.

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