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SMR 480: Reptile

Rod does a solo review of the suspense thriller, “Reptile.”



    I thought this was fine; kinda ended too fast for my taste. Benicio Del Toro is textbook but i’mma spend my time talking about my 90s crush Alicia Silverstone, who at age 47, is still a smoke show.

    Before we had the massive takeover of MILFs & PAWGs takeover the the language lexicon, Alicia was my muse, to the point where family members were giving me shit for it. (It was all in jest, don’t worry.) Clueless was the movie that exposed me, well, besides that ridiculous The Crush film with Cary Elwes Kurtwood “bitches leave” Smith.

    I didn’t watch Clueless until recently for the first time & she’s a good actor. She’s always been but she’s more than eye candy, which changes things for my appreciation of her. Reptile gets a good amount of her & she’s
    used well, given her allotted time in this.

    I guess my biggest problem with the film, is, it’s doing too much to set up this massive scheme & just ended up not caring at films end. If not for Del Toro, Silverstone, Domenick Lombardozzi & Eric Bogosian, this shit’s a 2/5, at best. I’m at a reluctant 3/5 because of the top-notch performances I just mentioned, keeping it above mediocrity. Justin Timberlake was ok to me, but like Michael Pitt’s character, they became more forgettable as the film went along. Not their fault, the script just didn’t have enough punch or intrigue. Also, the “fake out” killing of Del Toro didn’t do it any favors. Let Silverstone crack the case Benicio couldn’t & have her go off. She has gravitas. Alicia needs her Impossible White Man moment. Missed opportunity.

  2. PamelaM8

    Hello Rod –

    I put this movie on my to watch list, sounds interesting enough. No doubt Alicia Silverstone is looking good; as far as I know she’s still a vegan, so she’s probably minding her business, drinking water and eating vegetables. Good on her!

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