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2815: Standing On Business

Rod and Karen banter about diversity in ads, a Homegoods trip, birthdays, white version of standing on business and being a handyman. Then they discuss LGBTQ news, Philly banning ski-masks, Tuberville ends his blockade, Jonathan Majors trial underway, Boosie’s parenting, Sheryl Lee Ralph moving in with husband of 20 years, Panera’s lemonade accused of killing another person, Abundant Birth Project sued, Lenny Kravitz clarifies comments about Black media, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think one of the biggest white versions of standing on business is “I want to speak to your manager”

    Boosie has some nerve sending out a warning about dating his daughter. Isn’t this the same guy who brought a prostitute for his 13 year old son? He’s so gross.

  2. Krissy

    The Homegoods that I go to is always busy. Two weeks before Black Friday I went to browse, didn’t find exactly what I was looking for but wanted to buy one candle. The line was very long and this was in the middle of the afternoon on a Wednesday. I just ended up putting the candle back because I didn’t feel like standing in line for one candle. Went back the next week around 11:00 on my lunch break and it was busier than last week, which I think people were starting their Christmas shopping early. Those DW candles are so good. I found a Butter Pecan one when I went to Homegoods the last time which was the only one in the store. I went on the DW website and they were sold out (of course). Hope they get more in stock, that was such a nice smelling candle.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    Poor big Pharma. She ( Pharma) is out there, booking diverse actors and paying them good money and also promoting progressive social values. And paying old Apia decent money.
    And does anyone say: Wow, big Pharma, you look somehow less evil this year? How did you do it? Did you start meditating or something?
    No. Of course not.
    Now the products aren’t sexy enough. Sorry that the products of my industry aren’t as sexy as candy or something.
    They’ll never be.

  4. Anne

    Kravitz is correct. Rock is part of Black American culture. A retrospective on it would be amazing.

  5. Angela

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    The scream I scrumpt when you said TJ and Amy’s ex-spouses are now dating. What in the Melrose Place?! It’s like the show Andrew Shue was in became his real life. Damn. This was the White People News I didn’t know I needed. It is much better than that Jonathan Majors news. The nerve of that man telling his ex that she needed to act like Michelle Obama or Coretta Scott King. He reminds me of some hoteps I knew back in college.

    But I digress. I am not ashamed to say that I need more Andrew and Marilee. In addition to the podcast y’all suggested, I need them to have a travel and food show on Max or TLC. #ilovemess. Seriously, best of luck to them. 2023 is definitely on one and going out with a bang. Thanks for the great show as always.


  6. J-Full

    Consider this my brief republican moment but, take off them gotdamn ski masks! I don’t want to be walking around and a nigga roll up on me in a sheisty and I gotta be like, am I about to get robbed or is this just a young nigga tryna look cool? If it ain’t cold, if you ain’t skiing, take that shit off.
    Like what if your maintenance man rolls up to your crib while one of yall isn’t home for a repair in a sheisty but you gotta be so liberal that you’re not allowed to get scared or want them to take it off before coming in your house. Fuck that.

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