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SMR 481: Godzilla Minus One

Rod and Karen review the creature feature flick, “Godzilla Minus One.” They also discuss movie trailers and your comments on “The Marvels.”


  1. RoninRaphael

    This movie is amongst my favorite of the year. As a veteran, I didn’t realize how much I needed it. I’ve been hate watching Monarch, but no more. I broke free. I connected on so many levels to Godzilla Minus One. Great storytelling, even the predictable actions didn’t take anything from the storytelling. That’s how good it was, I was hugging with the family at end, yeah I been there in the denial. We got to choose to live, I love how that message kept being repeated over and over. That’s true honor and the most patriotic acts I’ve seen. Telling a youngling who didn’t serve in battle that it’s actually heroic. A lot in the military struggle with that here too.

  2. rodimusprime

    Ok one question I have that yall didn’t cover in the review. Did yall see those black vein things in the wife’s neck in the hospital when old boy hugged her? Was that the radiation? Was that supposed to say that it’s not a happily ever after, but any time they have together as a family is worth it?



    Look y’all, I don’t know if this’ll spark more interest in other Godzilla films for me to watch down the line, I just know, this was the shit. Loved the characters, loved the themes of guilt & grief & Godzilla fucking shit up. The first couple of minutes weren’t for me, until, the themes started to click, then, I was fully invested into this world. Wow.

  4. PapaRo81

    Godzilla minus one is sooooooo good ,easily the best movie in the franchise.After watching it then seeing the trailer for the new Godzilla vs Kong I was definitely arms crossed looking sideways at the screen like c’mon y’all not again.

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