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BDS 498: What Did Corey Perry Do?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Corey Perry’s mysterious suspension, Tay-Tay parties with the Mahomeses, Tristan Thompson, Deion Sanders splits with Tracey Edmonds, Shelly-Ann gets the bag, Gloria Allred representing family in Josh Giddy’s case, Ime vs Lebron, Erik Spoelstra divorce, Desean Jackson on his career earnings, Von Miller will play despite DV arrest, Tyreek Hill married, Taylor Swift, 49ers fan being annoying, Stephen A. Smith threatens to leave ESPN, NFL stadium drones, Antonio Brown, RG3 jumps in a pool in a full suit, family of young Chiefs fan considering lawsuit, Brandi Love on the college play-off and Druski Alabama skit.


  1. Slickbarber

    What up Rod, Karen, and Justin I hope all is well with you three. Last week you were talking about Stephen A and how he says he should be the highest paid person at ESPN. You can tell Stephen A is preparing to make a move away from ESPN as he’s using his podcast to speak on topics he knows he can’t speak on at ESPN. Leaving ESPN is a risk but maybe he sees what Dan Le Batard and Meadowlark Media are doing.

    When Dan started Meadowlark they signed a deal with Draft Kings for 3 years $50 million and this week Dan let it be known that Meadowlark has signed an extension with Draft Kings. He says the money is even more than the original $50 million but they can’t release the details yet. Dan said Meadowlark is helping Draft Kings build their TV network, and just announced a partnership with All The Smoke Podcast with Stephen Jackson & Matt Barnes. Also it appears Meadowlark will be acquiring the Showtime basketball shows as he mentioned Rachel Nichols will be joining. Showtime recently announced they are shutting down their sports division.

    Thanks for all you do and I love the show.

  2. Sofa_King

    What up, Balls Deep Sports crew!

    So, first we have Thanasis looking like he wanted to stab a nigga over Giannis taking a hard foul against the Pacers. This, of course, woke Giannis the fuck up, and he decided to tune them niggas up to the beat of a franchise record 64 points. Then petty-assed Indiana steals the game ball, talmbout they wanted to give it to their rookie, ’cause he scored his first career point (or, that was the story, anyway). And now, with two more games to play against the Bucks in a little less than three weeks, the Pacers went out and signed Bushido Brown, aka James Johnson.

    I hope we see the IST lead to these kind of new rivalries every year!


    Hey Rod, Karen & the Fat instigating media. It was either talking about Kadarius Toney’s being a dumbass again or talk about Zion Williamson, which I’m going to talk about the ladder, because I’ve been over the Toney/Offsides shit since I played GTAV all day Monday. Let’s just say, seeing badly modeled strippers & heist missions made me forget about another Chiefs rough outing at home.

    The need to use Zion’s weight as fodder because a motivated Lakers team was just overpowering everybody in the In-Season tournament, I guess, ain’t enough for people. Shaq & Barkley were probably the only two people that came from a good place, in regards to Zion & didn’t resort to the hack fat stereotypes. Does he need to play better? Of course. You’ve been in the league long enough, we’re just awaiting the leap. Zion been through a lot. Being stalked by an Onlyfans model, who also tattoos your name on her face, doesn’t feel good, either. Mofo might be struggling with lots of head trip because of Mariah Mills & body dysmorphia.

    I listened to Shannon Sharpe & Gilbert Arenas on the latest episode of Nightcap, on the topic of Zion & I’mma be frank, as someone who is on the heavy side, I wasn’t a fan of their banter. I don’t think it was malicious, either but what I noticed in a lot of these talking head circles, especially on this very issue, people claim they “mean well” when sometimes you’re just head tripping a person on this very topic. Shannon tried to pass it off as positivity trying to help him & while I do believe him, it’s a bit more complex than that. Losing weight can be tough. I mean, I gained weight through the pandemic & I just went half this year letting myself go on some deeper personal shit I won’t share here to just keep the focus on Zion & the perception of the body in sports.

    People are still uncomfortable at the very site of someone who’s fat, thick, etc.
    Incrementally, it’s gotten better but with moments with Stephen A’s quote from a source, about how Zion is “Eating The Table” just exacerbates the fear & the discomfort. No wonder people don’t talk about it & perpetrators, when called on it, are more tight than a cowardly dog, when they have to deal with someone who’s either overweight or shit, some muscle bound person, male, female, non-binary, etc. Obviously, beauty standards are fucked up but just the “just existing” standards are, as well. People can’t let regular or well-to-do people exist as is. Frustrating shit. And, from what I’ve seen off & on, throughout this topic, a lot of media members don’t like a lot of rotund. Oh sure, they’ll say, they have them in their family but have ya talked to them about it? Mother? Father? Cousins? Grandmother? Yeah, man, people looked mad funky in the light with this.

  4. chubbzero

    What up rod, Karen and Jiannis Jantekekoumpo? Greek freak indeed!. That nigga cut a fool last night after he scored a bucks all time high of 64 points and he thought the pacers were holding the game ball . This fool ran off the gym floor into the locker room like a mad man! I gotta ask yall, what if lebron done some shit like that? All the jordanites would be saying “this is gonna hurt his legacy ” but Giannis got heart tho? FOH. Speaking of King James, congrats on the in season tournament trophy and mvp. But of course the bron haters are saying jordan would never, while in the same breath, they say mike was uber competitive. We all know if they had the IST when Mike was playing he would have tried to win that shit every year! I’m not gonna talk about draymond much cause I know you guys are gonna hit… on it. See what I did there? But have yall talk about 2 of the dirtiest mufuckas are on the same team? Trey four’s own chris paul and green. Seeing that they can never play actual basketball anymore for different reasons, they should just both retire and go straight to the WWE! Alright yall talk to you guys later.

  5. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jraymond Green,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    About damn time the league suspend Donkey for acting a donkey *again* and going upside Nurk’s head. It’s especially wild to me cuz I remember when he did this shit but also was still good at basketball; the same Finals series he kicked LeBron in the nuts he also dropped 35 in a game Golden State won. And that was also back a lotta folks rightfully thought Kerr was stifling the offense by *not* letting Draymond shoot more. Even since Donkey punched Jordan Poole in the face and made a documentary making *himself* the victim, the Warriors have just let him cook? And y’all been spot on that dude seems weird in how unrepentant he is about all this!

    I know y’all don’t usually cover soccer (or “football” as the rest of the world erroneously calls it) but shouts out to Wilifired Nancy for being the first Black head coach to win the MLS Cup! And for dropping the bar, “Impossible is an opinion”.

    Speaking of tournaments, shouts out to the Lakers on winning the NBA Cup and AD giving us another game where all we could say is, “Damn why can’t he do that more often?” What do y’all make of folks saying the NBA Cup title, much like the Bubble title, “doesn’t count”? Wildest thing to me is that line of reasoning also spawned the “Michael Jordan wouldn’t have given a fuck about no NBA Cup” lie. I ain’t dignifying that by calling it an agenda.

    Given y’all are basketball fans and North Carolinians at that, how do y’all think Michael Jeffery “The Ceiling Is The Roof” Jordan would have handled an in-season tournament with a $500,000 cash prize in Las Vegas? We could’ve got at least 2 more parts of The Last Dance off that.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful evening and weekend. Thanks as always for the dope shows and insight!



  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jaymond Green

    Just pulling up to say a few words thanks for the sports shows they have helped on the long drives I’ve been taking. I’ve been on the road with my son Branden doing college visits he’s 18 now. Time flew by but get this… he’s 6’5 298 lbs but most teams say he’s too little to play tackle they wanna move him to guard or center funny right….. anyway he’s got 18 offers at the moment I will let you all know what school he picks.

    Now for the sportsballs stuff….

    Hit the Ray Lewis crime sound

    Draymond is suspended indefinitely for that punch. I think he’s going to get cut or a buyout I think he’s done in the NBA after all this shot he’s been pulling. If he stays in the league he’s gonna get like a 65 game suspension next season.

    For this next one you need to hit the Getting to the money song

    Shohei Ohtani got straight to the money. The man signed a baseball contract for 10 years 700 MILLION DOLLARS!! (By the way my son chose the wrong sport) so far the richest contract in sports history. He did something that’s gonna replace our boy Bobby Bonilla because apparently he asked to defer his money so the team could stay competitive during the he plays there. So 700 million over 10 years breaksdown to 2 million per year till 2034 assuming retirement and or a buyout he will be paid no less than 12 million for the rest of his life because baseball contracts are guaranteed he’s owed 688 million and gets to collect every penny.

    Hit the Ray Lewis crime sound again

    I am not sure if yall covered it a hockey player kicked a guy in the neck during a game and sliced his neck open killed him actually on live tv. Long story short they charged him with murder he was arrested and is awaiting trial.

    yall be easy,
    B Cole

  7. trey_swindu744

    What up Rod , Karen and Metta No World Peace Green

    Well , they finally made Draymond’s crazy ass face some serious consequences for his nonsensical goon shit that he does in games . “Hey Dray if you’re going to do that dumb shit in games at least try to still help your team win the game when you do that lol.” Now we see Steph finally getting mad at this bullshit and I wonder if they are gonna do what needs to be done about Draymond. Time will tell.

    Peace ,

  8. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jardavious Toney. Who knew this past Sunday Patrick Mahomes would become Bernie Mac black to white people. Even had Bill Simmons losing respect for him. While he roots for the cheating ass Patriots, and cheating ass Red Sox.

    But I get why Mahomes went off. He is fed up with them niggas he got at wide receiver. I’m sure him and Travis been practicing that play for weeks. Probably called it the Impressing the Hoes plays. And Taylor was in the stadium and it was there moment to shine. Shit yall heard how Patrick said that was gonna be Travis Hall of Fame play. Or in other words the play to lock Taylor down. And this nigga Khardavious Toney doesn’t know how to lineup. And didn’t even check with the refs to see if he was lined up right. But Black Lives Matter Pat’s blackness would not allow him to go off on another black man in front of white people. Since Jackson Mahomes dancing on Sean Taylor’s tribute they these niggas have been testing Pat’s patience And this was the last straw. But Pat proved why he the GOAT. He deflected his anger onto the refs. Hell he even had Andy Reid believing the lie.
    It is also funny all these talking heads are talking about whats wrong with the Chiefs offense. But I cant help but notice a lot of those wide receivers were there last year. But you know who isn’t there? Eric Bienemy. But they fail to bring that up hmm. As always peace.

  9. rodimusprime

    Greetings to my favorite trio (Rod, Karen, and jraymond Green

    So Donkey strikes again! When you get a donkey kick, that shit hurts! Just ask sabonis, Lebron, countless others, and most recently Yusuf nurkic! Draymond added a new move to his arsenal with that 360 punch he caught nurk with the other night when the dubs played the suns! Are the warriors grinding their teeth seeing all the time foolery draymond has done since resigning and their record stands at 10-13? Meanwhile word has come out that Klay was offered 48 million for 2 years and decided to turn that down during the summer. To me it sound like he might be out after this season.

    Speaking of out! The Washington wizards and Washington capitals owner has decided to move the teams to Alexandria Virginia, by 2028 when a new arena is built! Not sure if they will be called the Virginia wizards, but moving to Alexandria and the way they have been playing, they can call them THE WALKING DEAD!

    Lastly, congrats to the lakers and king James for winning the FIRST. NBA cup/ in season tournament! (Won’t he do it) lakers played great going 7-0 and I hope that same kinda play can roll over into the rest of this season. They will be hanging a banner. For the cup soon, but here comes the haters (mostly Knick fans)! I rebutted to them, had they won they would have a ticker tape parade.

    Appreciate you guys,

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out


      After this was posted. Of course donkey got suspended. Indefinitely!

      And I forgot to mention
      Ohtani getting 700 million. Over ten years from the LA dodgers, and is deffering 680 of it till 2034, where the dodgers will then have 10 years to pay him the 680 (quick math , 68m a year) he also has a opt out if the owner sells the team or president of baseball ops steps down. This has to be the weirdest and biggest contract I’ve ever seen…..

      Ok I’m out

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