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TNO 205: GTA Jiggle Physics

Rod, Karen, LaShonda and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Last of Us Part 2 remaster, more lay-offs, Dave Filoni taking over Star Wars, Bethesda responding to bad Steam reviews, Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit coming to Arkham, Playstation deleting tons of TV shows, Halo TV show, Kevin Feige say RDJ not returning, Maleficent 3 confirmed, Bungie Devs sad, Dr. Quinn not coming back, Toonami crosses major milestone, Natalie Portman open to Star Wars return, GTA 6 on PC, Playstation permanently suspends accounts for unknown reasons, Twitch shutting down in Korea, Pixar releasing movies in theaters, DC Games don’t have to align with movie universe, Stardew Valley update,  Starfield has over 12 million players, Mahershala feeling better about Blade, Loki 2 finale tops charts, Skull and Bones release date, Sega rebooting games, Last of Us Season 2, The Walking Dead Betrayal scrapped and Nintendo cancels Esports event over threats.


  1. Mwangangi

    I ain’t got much to say until the show starts [in 14ish minutes] just wanted to drop some year end appreciation for y’all and y’alls guests — as well as the chat niggas. Been Bingeing “What If” and making Pathfinder Second Edition characters on Hero Lab while off this THCV [not a typo].

    Any of y’all looking forward to Tekken 8? I’ma buy it and finish it then play approx. 10 online matches then never touch it again until I’m drunk and some other old head starts talking shit.

    Which leads to one of my favorite things about working your way through school at a bar you still live near. I can go there and get goofy on my birthday and the let me hook up my consoles to one of the TVs and I can kick it old school and just challenge random niggas like the arcade days.

    Anyway Happy New Years!

  2. Felix

    Hi Y’all, Felix here. Been a long time since I commented but I am not dead lol. Just been incredibly busy making that preschool kids cartoon job money. I am no longer in the “anime mines” as some call it nowadays especially if you work at mappa! Shout-out to my homies over there but after how mappa played them on Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 I dont blame them if they quit soon too.

    Wanted to give a shout-out to the consistency of the rotation of guests. Always great to hear what they’re up to. Especially the ones who don’t podcast as often as they used to.

    I feel like I finally have a decent collection of switch games now that I got Breath of the Wild and Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion for my birthday. Been slowly gathering up games I remember y’all talk about that I might like and whenever I have a minute I always have something great to play so thank you. I will say though, I bought the new fate series title, Fate/samurai remnant on switch during black Friday and while I enjoy it I really need some of these developers to not dump 10 FPS unfinished ports on switch. I know after last week’s patch it’s finally closer to a consistent 30fps but it was abysmal how it performed at launch and for the longest time. No matter how much I enjoy the story that’s just straight up robbery in my opinion. Especially when breath of the wild exists and you’re playing in huge landscapes and fate/samurai remnant is struggling to run small towns smoothly.

    For topics y’all discussed, I’m so glad mahershala Ali hasn’t dipped on the blade movie. I know he’s gotta be Hella frustrated at how much time was wasted but I’m glad things are looking brighter. Especially with the blade game also on the Horizon. I’m so hyped for the blade renaissance we’ll have in a couple of years. I’m enjoying the current comic run too so I’m excited for some good stuff coming.

    Lastly was wondering if you guys caught the Monarch show on apple plus. Binged the first 7 episodes with the family on Christmas and it was a blast. I’m really enjoying that show and excited to see what today’s finale brings! Anyway, love y’all, will try and comment as usual again from now on. Felix out!

  3. RoninRaphael

    Salutations awesome Nerds and best of the holidays to you all. May the Nerds be with you!

    So I just finished watching Moving on Hulu and have decided to christen it the Korean X-Men with dem kids. Interesting stuff Koreans keep hitting me with.


      Hey Rod, Karen & guests. One day on my XBOX, I was going through my now 327 owned, having just bought Yakuza: Like A Dragon, to add to my owned library. I got a ton from the days of XBOX Gold & Game Pass but these are just the ones I own outright. I was scared of going back to Grand Theft Auto 5, because I wasn’t a fan of the controls. When I first got GTAV & the XBOX One, I was mad intimidated of the world & the controls, especially the controls. It played nowhere near how I remember during the PS2. Shit, DS’s GTA; Chinatown Wars wasn’t that scary & you needed a fucking stylus for shit. Anyway, so I got back on it & FINALLY started to enjoy it. Seeing the GTA VI (six) trailer motivated me to get back to it, along with GTA IV & Red Dead Redemptions 1 & 2 in the near future. Takes awhile to get used too. I don’t even have the urge to “cheat code” it anymore because of things like health replenishment & replaying failed missions without penalty, for example. However, I ain’t touching the GTA remastered trilogy. Nigga, no! My PS2 still works, thankfully, I’ll just play it there. That’s pretty much what I’ve been playing besides Mortal Kombat 1 & Forza Motorsport.

      Amazon just started making it optional for customers to pay for their “ad-free” add-on for their services. Gotta say, I ended up doing it, because, they’re better than most & it’s worth it. If it were say Paramount+ or Max asking for this? Nope. Hell nah. They’ve both burned their goodwill faster than you can “you got change for $100?” And that merger ain’t happening between them broke bitches. Biden Administration oughta get Ms. Khan & bitch slap David Zaslav & Brian Robbins for this bullshit.

      Anyway, Happy New Year, y’all. 2024’s gonna be a good one. I can feel it.

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