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PG 389: Fox 2 Working For You

Rod and Karen play some Gender Wars and Guess the Race until Justin shows up, then they discuss a Detroit news report, a weird Twitter interaction, Justin almost gets hit and ran, Karen’s audio books, car repair, and listener feedback.



  1. CheyenneKnew

    Hey y’all!

    Last week I wrote in about keeping work, work. I appreciate everything y’all have to say! I said Karen but jtrill is always welcome! I don’t really fuck with lite skins but if Rod and Karen are in, so am eye

  2. rodimusprime

    Rod and Justin, Karen,

    I take it you all are well.

    Rod, Justin, it is starting to feel like y’all are afraid of me because the slick talk stays happening when I am NOT in the chat. Coincidence? My girl Karen, however, never gets in on y’all’s slander.


    I gotta admit, this time, however, saying the squatter is evidence of why I am how I am? Y’all aren’t wrong. Detroiters are going to find the hustle and execute it. We are creative. We handle business. However, hush about it. We don’t need the world to find out. We are OK letting NYC, Atlanta, and Nigeria have reputations as the homes for scamming ass scammers. We’ll continue to coast as the home of Motown, modern gospel music, fine women, and a wee bit of gun violence.

    As for folks switching up *sigh* When peoples’ behavior SEEMS to change towards you out of the blue, they’ve had tiny ripples of issues with you before. But your positive interactions kept disarming them so that hate couldn’t grow or take ahold. Then add online as a setting. The hate gathers as they wait until the crowd turns against you so they can pile on. If the online tide never turns against you, THAT’S when they come out at you real strange.


    Ms. Smart

  3. RoninRaphael

    What’s good my faves in podcasting, Ha

    I am glad that Justin survived that hit and hustler, I was wondering if he was tempted to go “I can’t feel my neck, my back … ” after the cops arrived. I wish we had Fox 2 reporting the accident. That could be the first Tubi movie to win an Emmy right there.

    Anyway, I got a podcast that you all might enjoy. Part one of The Conversation Weekly – Isreal-Gaza War on Campus. I learn a lot from The Conversation & hope you would enjoy it too.

    Oh btw, Spotify says that I’m in the TOP 4% of your fans as I listened to almost every minute your broadcast this year. But Twitter won’t let me post it & give yall your flower’s. I’m still going to keep trying. So now that I’m in the official 4%, I say everybody have a glass of your favorite champagne on my Moms tab.


  4. TanyaW42

    After hearing this clip, I think the 48 oyster lady was just trying to outdo Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy, lol. (just a few seconds, it’s cued up to the spot:) https://lnns.co/IepQSxsDM1j/1239

    But seriously, can anyone who is posting an oyster video *please* leave out the slurping! I love eating them, but I don’t need to hear that!

    Regarding cars and damages, about a 1000 years ago when I was living in Connecticut my 1982 Ford Escort (aka piece of junk) was hit by a cement truck which put a gash in one of the doors. I’m sure insurance wouldn’t have covered fixing it, and it didn’t seem worth it anyway, so I just didn’t bother. My last annual property tax bill for that car was less than $10. I swore that if I had kept it the state was going to start paying me to own it!

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