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2820: Welcome to the Cookout™ Jon B

Rod and Karen banter about organizing in the kitchen, the car overheating, carrying cash, restaurant menus returning and envying the Black struggle. Then they discuss Joe Biden impeachment inquiring, Donald Trump selling pieces of his suit, Oprah’s weight loss openness, America’s Most Wanted returning, Jodeci reuniting, Welcome to the Cookout™ (Jon B, Ryan Reynolds, Angelina Jolie) and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ApiafromGermany

    Baklava vs Balaclava .
    Love it.
    The first being a Turkish pastry with honey and the second the controversial mask they really serve different purposes while sounding pretty similar.
    I’d love to see a criminal trying to hide his face in baklava.

    Btw my new potential friend just texted me, we will see in yoga tomorrow and meet up this week. Yeah!

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Im trying to be positive about the Trump cards. People who buy them have less money for buying weapons. And the cards are way less deadly.
    They can give you a paper cut max.

    Oprah obviously can do whatever she wants with her body. I wish for her she would be able to feel less stress about her weight. She is Oprah!

    Apias pharma corner:

    Ozempic is used to treat type 2 diabetes and prevent major cardiovascular problems in certain patients, while Wegovy is used for weight loss and long-term weight management.

    Wegovy has a slightly higher maximum dose compared with Ozempic.
    The active ingredient is the same, it’s Semaglutide ( it’s an agent mimicking a hormone in the body)

    I always find it amusing how much Karen wants to be old as fast as possible, especially because I’m a year older than her. Love you Karen!

  3. jamielscorpio

    I listened to The Daily episode that you all referenced. What became even more apparent , is conservatives are using nonblack marginalized groups as their vessel to get their agendas through. Rather it is Asians and affirmative action or in this case Jews and free speech on campus. Conservatives are know enjoying the fruits of 2016 and all the judges that Trump appointed and are disguising their racism towards, blacks by acting like they are the voice of the marginalized groups that democrats ignore. What sucks the most is motherfuckers fall for it and allow themselves to be used.

  4. EvieE

    Oprah looks great. If her doctors are fine with her using ozempic that’s her business. You’re damn if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. I think so many people have a problem with ozempic because they think it’s cheating somehow because it actually works. It just goes to show that when they concern troll people about their weight they don’t actually give a damn. They just don’t like you and want a reason to say something negative.

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