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2819: Crack to Sack

Rod and Karen banter about being loud, Kevin Hart ads, silk hair bands, Zion Williamson and controversial mixed drinks. They also discuss Jonathan Major’s trial, DC launching a crime center, 23andMe hacked, AI adoption tool, firefighter who stopped for a snack, toddler brings gun to school, man accidentally shoots friend, Florida couple arrested for sex on a causeway and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ApiafromGermany

    My company tried of course AI for advertising and sales and whatsoever.
    And it does sound scary. A huge Pharma company uses AI to sell even more drugs and get ever richer.
    Perfect movie plot.
    With an important downside. It doesn’t work. Really. I’ve seen companies loose money because of it, you can’t launch a product this way.
    You can’t make the customers participate. They don’t want to interact with it. They want a human. And they hold all the power, so that’s what’s happening.
    You can maybe use it to send some reminders for events, but that’s it.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    About Jonathan Major:

    It seems they had a terrible relationship. I think he did some bad stuff, but maybe not that night.
    I’m also wondering what will happen. Jonny Depp ( you remember that his name means Jonny Moron in German? Always funny for me) has, invested, intense fans, and had a much longer career when the trial happened. So maybe it will play out in a different way.

  3. EvieE

    I was thinking people hacking 23andme for DNA results may use it to sell to law enforcement agencies to get people caught for crimes. I could be way off but that was the only thing I could come up with.

  4. Miss1ko

    We will see what happens in DC. I know your point was macro about Black mayors (and really your point applies to all mayors who get in office and want to do well and address crimes) but unlike say Atlanta or Baltimore DC is not really a Black city anymore and it seems that the crimes that are being addressed are no in ungentrified neighborhoods. They are left to languish while the car thefts and robberies are a problem now because now these are million dollar neighborhoods. It’s about the black folks committing crimes against new DC residents in million dollars homes. Not to dissent from your point but to add a bit of context from a reluctant DC homeowner. In fact I would say my perspective reinforces your prediction of policing and moving towards another crime bill type situation. This is all to address the symptoms and not the root problem,

    Now the AI adoption tool? That is a rabbit hole that you don’t wanna fall into. Considering there is an adoptee movement that considers adoption and fostering as human trafficking this is just a terrible idea. Also, are we calling everything online AI now? Is there actual machine learning? AI exists but the things they are calling AI are not and it is a grift.

    Enjoyed the show as usual……….wild times.

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