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BDS 500: An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Anthony Edwards apologizes for telling woman to get an abortion, Zion Williamson’s contract, Tyreek Hill slapped with paternity suits, Pacman Jones pleads guilty, Mike Tomlin blasted for woke shirt, Draymond Green suspension, NBA G League player confesses to murder, Eric Montross dies, Brittany Mahomes claps back at haters, Emily Ratajkowski punished for leaving Knicks game early, Dwight Howard claims texts were doctored, Serena Williams breast milk, Alabama player arrested for transmitting STD, Peacock game will have no commercials in the 4th quarter, Tommy DeVito, Derrick Ward arrested, Chandler Jones police video and Adam Schefter blasts twitter for fake account.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Happy New Years Rod, Karen and Colluding JFL Owners,

    Congratulations on 500 episodes of Balls Deep Sports and thanks so much for all the laughs!

    Lamar Jackson spent Christmas night moving the ball up and down the field on the vaunted Niners defense, adding to a potential 2nd MVP season and it made me wonder: if you root for a team that proudly said they would not pursue trading for Jackson, how’d that work out for your team and why do you still root for them? If I was a Jets fans I’d be disgusted that we opt’ed to sign the unshaved 40 year old anti-vaxxer instead of the 26 year old Jackson. If I was a Falcons fan? Arthur Blank stood on bullshit and Desmond Ridder has looked like ass all season. Shit, if I was a *Niners* fan I’d wanna know why we ain’t least try to upgrade at QB past “white guy that listens to Kyle Shanahan”.

    Do y’all think Becky Hammond would’ve caught as much flack about Jalen Brunson if she asked who really believes in the Knicks winning anything in the first place? Cuz that’s almost as valid as saying a small guard can’t take your team but so far in the post season unless it’s Zeek and the Bad Boy Pistons. And on the Pistons, what do y’all think happens first: the Pistons win a game or the Pistons are eliminated from playoff contention?

    I hope y’all have a safe and enjoyable new year. I can’t wait to say FUCK ATHLETICS in 2024!



  2. CanuckDuke

    What up Rod, Karen and the Jetroit Pistons?

    I hope the holidays are treatin y’all well. I write this to discuss the record setting losing streak by the Detroit Pistons. I went to Tuesday’s game against the Nets and it was actually crazy because the fans were willing the team to win, but it looked like there was active sabotage by one Alec Burks. In the fourth quarter, Alec looked like Carlton Banks in that episode of the Fresh Prince where the “Give the Ball to Will” offence was in effect for Cade Cunningham. “Sell the team” chants continued to ring out. I feel bad for Cade Cunningham, Ausar Thompson and Jalen Duren — that’s it. They won’t relocate the team, but they need to vote out Tom Gores as the owner somehow like they did Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver.
    How bad is Tom Gores as a NBA Governor? This guy “emerged” from hiding last Friday by having a select media members only interview over zoom saying, “aside from losing we’re doing a lot for the community” and he’s proud of doing billion dollar deals. Basketball is not Tom Gores’ priority. It got so bad on local sports radio Wednesday after the record setting loss on local sports radio that callers were being dropped because they were referring to Tom as a cokehead. SMH, what a time to remain a Pistons fan. Even when they’re 18 point underdogs to the Celtics tonight.

    Happy new year to you and the rest of the BDS Universe.


  3. Teamwombraider

    Hello Rod, Jon tee Williams & Karen!
    Thank you for another year of showing the other side sports. F—k athletics!
    I renewed for another year of subscription, looking forward to more sensationalism in sports. Especially all sides involving haters. I know I’m wrong for it but I hope the news is so outlandish, it’s like listening to hating ass Terrell jones from years past!
    All in all, here’s to another year of listening to you guys crack jokes on sports.
    Warm regards,


    PS. 2024 is upon us… nigga we made it!!!


    Rod, Karen, Jussell Wilson, hope you all had a great holiday.

    This is, uh, some Broncos fuckery. At first, I was kinda comfortable with Denver going their separate ways with Russell, even though, he got his shit together & is playing some of his best football in quite sometime. While it isn’t Russell Wilson from his great Seattle days, he found something. Sean Payton’s ol’ fake smart curmudgeon ass, found something. The fact they were going to cut him after he beat Kansas City in the fashion he did, is very fucking telling. He came all the way back from when Patrick Star made fun of him throwing an INT to the Rams, last year. He overcame his horrendous play to be good again, playing THAT way. I just hope he gets to hold on to that bag & then some. Yes, he’ll end his moribund Broncos tenure with an 11-19 record, yes “let’s ride” was wack (it would’ve been wack, to me, if they won more. Again, to me.), and yes, signing a completely inexperienced coach in one Nathaniel Hackett was dumb (losing to him, albeit, he’s the Jets offensive coach & not the head coach, was, uh, yeah).

    Denver still has a slim opportunity at a wild card spot & what if, say, Buffalo fucks around & loses two straight, Russell played his best football against them with one of the best completions you’ll ever see to Courtland Sutton.

    Broncos gone Broncos, I guess. Happy New Year, y’all.


    Hey Rod , Karen, and jElijah Pritchett

    And for the last time for 2023, Rod, lemme get that Ray Lewis…..

    So university of Alabama offensive lineman Elijah Pritchett out here not sharing answers to a test but sharing something that will make you have to go test! Allegedly he knowing gave others STDs and arrested for it the other day. released on $500 bond, It is a misdemeanor what comes with up to 3 months jail time and $500 in fines. Small price to pay for possibly changing someone life if you gave them an incurable disease. In the words of Karen, “WHATS HAPPENING HERE” also in the words of Karen “GO TO THE JAIL”

    Nextly, have you been on the Twitter/X streets lately? AB aka Antonio brown been wilding he went after Michael Irvin with a vulgar tweet that stated (but I will edit) : “Michael Irvin stay off the cocaine I got way more stats then you fa#*ot, you from broward not miami we slap the shit out your old ass!” and if you go on his page there’s man more random and sometimes funny tweets he has fired off recently! (ironically I feel you can since the Michael Irvin cte drop here lol )

    Just wanted you guys thoughts at this point in the nba season if Chet or wemby would get y’all vote for mvp?

    And lastly Allen Iverson sat down with Rachel “never be the story” Nichols and told her he wants a job in the sixer organization and some what shocked they haven’t approached him after all this time. He feels and wants to give back to the game. I wonder if Dom would sign off on this?

    Appreciate you guys , thanks for all the shows and laughs and entertainment all 2023!

    Happy new year see you in January

    Fyahworks out

  6. Slickbarber

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Rod, Karen, and Justin. I just want to provide clarification about the redshirt status in college sports. Take Drake Maye for UNC. He just finished the season as a redshirt sophomore. He entered UNC in the fall of 2021 as a true freshman. He didn’t play in 2021 as he was Sam Howell’s backup QB. Since he didn’t play he got redshirted for the 2021 season. When he became the starter in 2022 from an academic standpoint he was a sophomore but from a playing standpoint he was a redshirt freshman. The redshirt allows athletes to have 5 years to play 4 seasons. Also under redshirt rules you can play 4 games in a season and keep your redshirt status.
    NC State QB, MJ Morris, wanted to redshirt last year but played in more than 4 games. This year he planned to redshirt as a sophomore. He started the season as a back up but then got moved up to starter. He started 4 games this year and after game 4 he went to the NC State coaches and told them he is redshirting and left the team. He entered the transfer portal at the end of the season and still has 3 years of eligibility remaining. So now he can make more NIL money at a new school.

    Thanks for the great show!!!!

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