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PG 390: A Sprinkle of Gun Violence

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss car insurance woes, buying a new radiator, Batwoman, Rod’s viral porn post, working out, Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God, Stavros Halkais: Fat Rascal, Trevor Noah: Where Was I?, listener feedback and local news.


  1. rodimusprime

    What it do Rod Karen and Justin.

    Thank you for the Christmas Card.

    Justin, it was good seeing you and your peoples flying thru mane. I appreciate you being the person you are.

    Rod and Karen, I appreciate the live show and the picture. I always treasure the people that you are.

    I was just touching base with y’all.

    Have a Happy New Year.



    Just dropping by to say THANK YOU!!!

    Thank you for regular shows, pre game, bds, lip smacking, nerd off, guests, game theory, drapeto, recaps on Saturdays and recaps of movies and twd. Man, thanks even for Justin!!!

    It’s been an amazing year and journey with tbgwt and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Been listening over 10 years now and this is the only podcast I’ve stuck with no matter what, others have faded like a old pair of jeans, but even if I fall behind, it’s easy to catch up, because it’s so entertaining. I hope to possibly meet you guys in 24, via a live show! Or if I ever make it to charlotte to visit family! ( my cousin a dentist out there)

    But just a few words of encouragement and appreciation for you guys! I will continue to support and root my favorite pod , and you guys individually. By the way I got the card this week Rod and Karen! Awesome! I love it!

    Just keep up the great work!

    Happy new year to all my premium listeners

    I can’t wait to drop some more comments and say “Rod hit me with that Ray Lewis “ lol

    Your loyal listener,


  3. Shoebootie

    Amy is out there trying to curate her narrative and TJ is annoyed at having to play a part still! Either commit to the bit or break up.

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