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2827: The Gender Wars Gold Medal

Rod and Karen discuss Jonathan Owens inteview on The Pivot Podcast, Simone Biles, social media projection, relationship power dynamics, Taraji P. Henson and Oprah.

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  1. EvieE

    I kept hearing about the Simone Biles discourse on social media and I too was skeptical of her husband not knowing who she was because I think the app they met on you have to be famous, some high profile figure or be in a certain income bracket. But your analysis put things in context for me especially hearing the part about how he matched with her on the app.
    One of the things that has been tossed around all week is that she’s not his type and he is only with her to hype himself up. And she’s not the kind of woman someone who looks like him would date if she wasn’t so accomplished. And that’s kind of fucked up because that’s way worse than anything he ever said about her. Plus circling back to the type of app they met on everyone on that app is either rich or famous and I’m certain there are all types of beautiful women on that app. In order to match on these apps you’d have to swipe right on each other so of course he must have found her attractive to have matched with her in the first place. Sounds like what they have works for them. But some of these takes are just pure weirdo speculations.

    I saw the Oprah and Taraji clip everyone was talking about and I didn’t know what to make of it but you know who was quick to chime in her hating two cents? Monique. If Oprah has one hater it’s Monique. If Oprah has no haters that means Monique has died. But the fact that Taraji had to speak up still wasn’t enough for people to stop speculating. Some people just live for the drama.

  2. mizzbarnes

    God Bless you Rod for giving us context. I kept seeing the clip and I said to myself, I am waiting for Rod and Karen to dissect this and dissect it, you both did! Thank you, I knew that there was more to this than the clickbait that Pivot put out there…….
    And speaking of throwing the rock and hiding their hand, I see what Pivot did. They knew that this hot take was going to attract the clicks that it attracted, however, when you ‘read long form’ aka listen to the whole podcast, Simone’s husband is grateful to God that he has Simone as his wife.

  3. ginagate

    thanks for the clearer view on the biles’ situation. I admit, I was one of the “how dare he”! camp. it’s so hard not to automatically defend black women, we so often don’t feel defended and are so used to heading ourselves denigrated. honestly it never even occurred to me that there might be a different perspective. I’m not sure if that says more about that I expect from black men in the media or my own self- image as a black woman. great episode!

  4. Mike Mallory

    Whole episode was on point. 10/10. No notes lol. Happy New Years

  5. Anne

    Good take on Simone Biles situation. It’s a sweet story when you hear the whole thing and not just a clip.
    I didn’t like the “prize” comment when I first saw the click bait. But context is everything. They sound like a solid couple.

  6. Shoebootie

    This made me laugh though https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8xthuub/

  7. Shoebootie

    Football man did not know gymnastics woman, despite her fame. He was just in his lane! It’s not the issue people are making it. He was a hot asset on his own, he thought he was the catch. Good for him.

    There are plenty of sports people who are massively famous that I have no clue about until they’re brought up to me. I don’t know this guy and I damn well didn’t know Travis Kelsey was a thing prior to Taylor Swift.

  8. ApiafromGermany

    I think you are correct, most white people don’t know about edges. At least I didn’t and just learned. Simone’s hair look for me pretty in every picture Google offers me, I REALLY can’t see the problem with it.
    Trigger allert, a white person talks more about black hair :

    I looked up edges and while they can look pretty and impressive, they seem like one more time and money requiring to do for black women, especially when this woman can be criticized for opting out of the edge game. Can women just live sometimes ?

  9. ApiafromGermany

    Great that you are back!I got Christmas COVID. What a shitty gift from the universe.
    We were visiting mother in law for 3 days who recently had breast cancer so I tested before going. Negative. When we arrived I felt bad and stayed in our room for safety. The next day I tested again and it was as positive as can be. We left a half hour later. Now I’m at home and have to also move the first date with my new potential friend. Yey! ( but I feel at least acceptable)

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