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2828: Menu Anxiety

Rod and Karen banter about getting Karen’s mom’s Ugg’s, Trader Joe’s cashiers, sugar-free snacks have come a long way, Genuwine’s cry for help, and people interrupting Rod’s listening. Then they discuss Who? News, Kevin Hart suing Tasha K, robot attacks Tesla engineer, John Schneider threatens the Bidens, menu anxiety, what you should keep in your glove compartment, GOP voters support Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, GOP voters sour on the primary election process, woman beats man with Xmas tree, bad replacement Santa, burglar with dress busted and sword ratchetness.

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Do you suffer from Menu Anxiety?


  1. EvieE

    Tasha K has some kind of serious clout addiction. Wasn’t being sued and losing to Cardi B enough? I can’t imagine wanting clout this bad to keep doing the same thing over and over to your financial detriment. I just don’t understand. And if she keeps it up one of these days, she may mess with the wrong person who won’t see her in court but will see her on the streets.

    • ApiafromGermany

      She has the soul of a printer.

  2. ginagate

    even before I became visually impaired, I would always be sore to look at a menu online before visiting. I like knowing what I’ll order, and then asking the staff if there are any specials,etc., and having an idea of what I’ll spend. I thought this was a common thing, even among us older( gen x,) folks too?

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I know that Karen tries to be old as fast as she can but the moving pictures comment was still a surprise. Is she secretly a time traveler from around 1920? I hope so. Never go back to your old timeline Karen.
    We need you here.
    Now I’m waiting for Mr Print to attack me. But what can he do? He has no claws. He could target me psychologically and gaslight me…..wait a minute! Its already happening!

  4. Karmenjay

    Menu anxiety, more like menu depression. I get so sad when there aren’t a lot of options that look delicious on a menu.

    On that note of asking the waitstaff what’s good… my ex would always ask the server what their favorite dish was on the menu. And he would never order it. I think he thought it was entertaining for them. But nah, you just wasting their time and energy. Drove me batty.

  5. Yaytoonday

    ‘moving pictures’ made me cackle so hard!

    • Karmenjay

      Crying! I’m so glad he went with the old timey bit after that.

  6. Shoebootie

    I won the “what to keep in your glove box” list!

    I also keep a scratch remover cream. You know how it is out there.

  7. Sean

    I don’t get menu anxiety because I order my son’s second choice, and if he finds that his first choice is not what he actually wanted, then I switch with him…

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