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SMR 487: Leave the World Behind

Rod solo reviews the Netflix original disaster film, “Leave the World Behind.”

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  1. RoninRaphael

    How you gonna review this movie and leave out my official dance move for 2024?” I loved this film, at first I was disappointed at the end but after sleeping through it. I really enjoyed the way that it ended, while the adults be going gaga the kid found the jackpot by leaving the world behind. New motto for 2024: be like the kid who just wants to watch the final episode of Friends. Btw the Kevin Bacon character referenced a couple of incidents that happened to American embassy staff in Cuba when they brought the kid with the falling teeth to him. In real life, it happened during Obama’s first or second term. It was alleged that Cubans were using some sort of sonic device that lead to vomiting and if I’m not mistaken, teeth were affected in the more severe cases. In open channels Cuba denied. The weapon seemed to not affect everyone it hits in the exact same way. So he probably did have medication for it or he just a good hustler. Shiiiiiiit, I’ll be moving into the coolest house in the yard and open a trading house.

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