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SMR 488: American Fiction

Rod solo reviews the dark race comedy, “American Fiction.”



    On second thought, the ending works. Recently rewatched it on Wednesday night in honor of its five Oscar nominations. I just didn’t like how it ended, at first. Now, I’ve come to respect it a lot more now. Everything else I said before is the same.


    Great film. I’m still trying to warm up to the endings that the film took. It pisses me off, at first, until, I was able to find some peace with it. I’m not completely sold, I do appreciate its ballsyness, though. Pretty sure on a rewatch I’ll love it more, for now, I really like it. Cast is first-rate, especially Wright, Brown Alexander, Ortiz & Rae. Outstanding performances.

  3. RoninRaphael

    I’m with you on the 5/5 for American Fiction. This movie was a beautiful watching experience in the theater. I smiled, cried, and smiled again. The whole cast brought their A game. I died when Monk was meeting with the film director and took off when he heard the sirens. Clive being told to stay for the wedding with his family, later telling Monk that he got to allow people to love him. The girlfriend, the book juries etc. Solid movie all around!

    I also dug the ending, not everything has to be about a happy or perfect ending for it to be great storytelling.

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