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2829: Soul of a Printer

Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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    2024 is going to be another stellar year for the TBGWT brand. Had more I wanted to say, as y’all brought up some good stuff on Ray Rice & black art but I’ll save that for another time. I’m just happy to be here & glad y’all rep for blackness the way y’all do. Love y’all.

  2. HustleNoFlow

    Voted yes in poll because I went to Watch Night service.

  3. mizzbarnes

    I voted yes in the poll but I do a 5K at the top of the year. The Run/Walk starts at midnight when the ball drops. This year was a little tough, however it was done. It’s a nice start to my new year to do this 5K.

    Also are you coming over to the Arby’s side, Rod??? Did I hear that right in the replay???
    Praise Evie E…..Amen!!!!

  4. TanyaW42

    I did vote yes on the NYE poll but I have to qualify it, I’m uptown away from the mayhem, and went out for dinner at 5pm at a place in walking distance. Then went back home for champagne and a great music documentary “Immediate Family” — warning, it’s mostly white except for Steve Jordan who is the current drummer for the Rolling Stones, and then went to sleep well before midnight. Perfect!

  5. Shoebootie

    Yooooo this reminds me I haven’t made chicken paprikash in a while! So good.

    The good paprika comes in a tin, usually some Hungarian brand. I agree most paprikas seem bland and are just a color.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    Im so glad that you appreciate the meanness of the insult “ soul of a printer”
    I was very happy when I came up with it.

    We have more successful women now and people are not sure who they suppose to date.
    In my opinion: whoever they want.
    But somehow they should find a similarly successful man, and this is hard when this woman is so high on the top. So she should stay alone and pay the price for her success with it. I am against this.
    And somehow when a woman is successful in something, she should also be super super hot and put as much time into her appearance as in her other work or as much as an instagram model does who’s job is being hot and nothing else. ( I respect this! But it takes time you can only spend once)
    I’m not even giving specific examples, because I think Simone is very pretty, as is her husband. It should be ok for a woman who is a super successful athlete for example or a scientist or business woman to look ok and date a man who is very hot, if that is what she wants and who hasn’t such a great career as she does. If he is also into this arrangement, why not?
    It’s fine when men do it!
    When we were teenagers, a friend of mine, I’m still friends with her today said: “ I’m happy with the level of beauty I’m at. I wouldn’t wish for more, this would only create more attention for the wrong reasons.” At that time I didn’t get it, but this was pretty smart. It’s good to have to develop other skills.

    We both today:


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