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TNO 206: Have a Nerdy New Year

Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Warner Bros merging with Paramount, the Game Awards criticism, The Day Before shutting down, Killer Klowns from Outer Space video game, Tubi getting DC content, E3 officially dead, Star Wars will no longer cast young versions of classic characters, Insomiac hacked, Sony wants studios to cut staff, Eyes of Wakanda animated series, Blue Eye Samurai getting season 2, James Gunn talks about “cameo porn”, Kylo Rens redemption wasn’t planned, Last of Us Multiplayer canceled, Warrior canceled, George Clooney won’t return as Batman, Andor pushed out of 2024, Sony patent for adjusting game difficulty, Jet Set Radio will be open world, GTA 6 hacker sentenced to life, China cracking down on games again, Xbox slammed for using AI generated art, Playstation not deleting Discovery shows, Bobby Kotick leaving Activision, Avatar live action series, Jonathan Majors done at Marvel, Activision QA workers forced to return to work, the most pirated TV shows and Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon is blurry on purpose.


  1. Felix

    Hi Y’all Felix here. Highly enjoyed the last episode as usual! I have to say, out of all the news discussed I’m so hyped about the Wakanda animated series. After how much I wasn’t a fan of the Black Panthers Quest season of avengers assemble I really hope it’s a different take than we’ve seen in animation before. I can’t wait to see what they do with it especially with Marc Bernardin involved. Love to see my podcast faves writing for TV! *Wink*

    On what I watched recently. I absolutely loved the new season of He-Man. I am praying we get a continuation because I’m desperate to see She-Ra animated in this style. One of my homies also got promoted to Animation lead on this season so I was really excited for him. It was absolutely phenomenal. Hope you guys also saw it so I’ll avoid spoilers for now.

    Next up the Percy Jackson show finished it’s first season and bruda I have nothing but praise. It was such a warm and comfy watch. The kid actors are so good and the adults are so well cast haha. I can’t believe they actually had me crying at the twist at the end. I haven’t read the books so my only reference is the movie from back in the day but the way they handled it was just better in every way to me. I can’t wait for the next season!

    Next up I will say nothing to spoil it but just wondering if you guys saw the trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of 3 Body Problem. As a book enjoyer I am very cautious about it because they’ve changed so much (a lot of race changing going on too, the book was literally 99% Chinese characters and I’m seeing some characters raceswapped to be white now ) but after having reread the last book recently, I’m feeling a bit better about what the choices DnD made mean for the overall story. I hope y’all give it a shot because it’s exactly the type of sci-fi I know rod has enjoyed before but not on a scale most modern hard sci-fi can go for. All in all though Benedict Wong will be tremendous because that character is a great fit for him and I can’t wait to see what the opinions end up being about the series.

    Lastly, I bought the ultimate black panther issue but haven’t read it yet because I’ve been busy at work but I’m so excited. I hate the costume but I’m really jazzed to see a different take on the mythos. I hope it’s good because Eve’s series has really given me hope for the Black panther comics again so I hope this isn’t trash. Anyway, love y’all, Felix out!

  2. rodimusprime

    G’Day Everyone,.

    Been playing more of that Coral Island game. It’s a lot of fun & I’ve been enjoying it. Got all the bugs for the museum & got the moth suit & have 1 or 2 ocean things to catch to finish them.

    Karen, have you run it the guy in the attached pic. It’s one of my fav characters to see at the gatherings & doing random stuff in the village.

    Also, Echo was a fun watch.

    It’s Chinese new year here, so Gong Hei Fat Choi. I’ve got some new year lego sets to build.



    Hey Rod, Karen & Esteemed guests.

    Got to give glory to the XBOX One, the game console that was ahead of its time, only to be undone by so-called “smart gamers” concerned about shit that had nothing to do with them, because you can stop the future from happening. I even got a Kinect & while I was never able to implement it, just knowing the things you could do with it, especially since you, Karen & MTR’s Kriss spoke glowing of its functionality, was a game changer. Props to Kotaku for giving a “failed” console deserved props to trying to make gaming more flexible, even though, people got in their feelings.

    I’m playing nothing new, but weirdly enough, before I got hit with a cold & work shit, I was playing a ton of GTA IV. While I won’t do the tired “hot take” that four is better than GTA V, there’s so much to love about four, even as it approaches sixteen years being released & only being backwards compatible on XBOX consoles. Series X gives it that sweet 60fps bump, giving it a fully realized adventure that doesn’t feel dated, even by when it came out. I’m not even going to complain about the outdated shit (i.e. stupid Arab money song, too precise auto-aim, travel can take a minute, etc), just know, I’m having a blast playing it & will be getting back playing that & GTA V.

    So, uh, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is out…….man, to quote a classic movie line from Don Corleone, “look at how they massacred my boy”. No spoilers, but, buddy, that shit does not look like fun. Unfortunate part, probably one of the best looking Rocksteady games ever when compared the heralded Arkham games. I remember for years, there were rumors of a Superman game being created & I really, really, really, wish WB/Rocksteady went with that, it’s only appropriate, considering there’s a ton of Metropolis assets but it’s in a looter-shooter package. Even if this shit ended up being $5 for the maximum product, I’ll never touch it. Shit ended after Arkham Knight bookended shit well. I’m just going to let this game be an “elseworld” idea. Also, they did Brainiac in Injustice 2, which is under Netherrealm Studios (a division of WB Games) so why rehash this nigga brainwashing & committing genocide again?

    Sigh, anyway, take care, y’all.

  4. Nebz

    omg you should totally look into making a discord server, would be perfect for listeners who are gamers to play together. I recently started playing a few multiplayer games that none of my friends play and it honestly sucks playing with strangers sometimes. Recently I was playing Demonologist with strangers and one dude was a streamer w 1000 ppl watching and he was kinda being an asshole so I like called him out on it and it turned out one of the other strangers on the game was streaming too but only had five followers so i like followed her and turned it on on mute and ignored the other dudes stream kinda just out of spite. it was funny but definitely not the same as just goofing around with my friends. Been playing mostly Phasmophobia, and recently got Fortnite too. What multiplayer games do yall play?

  5. rodimusprime

    Kiye A

    3:47 AM (18 hours ago)

    to me

    Hey R&K&GentlyUsed

    First time long ass time.

    Really love the idea of starting a TBGWT gamer community. Volunteer for menial tasks. Thanks for years and years of game recommendations and nerdy content—my gamer friends, even the ones that don’t listen to your podcast, know you by name and be calling me out for parroting “Rod and Karen takes” (like “I hate them reasonable ass niggas with they reasons and shit”).

    Re: Plague Tale: Requiem

    I got this on PS+ or something and ended up playing through it in weekend. It reminds me of a telltale game a bit. I think it helped that I couch co-opped with my partner, and she and I took turns stealthing and making decisions, etc. It’s not mind blowing but it was a fun activity with another person, fasho.

    Moving on. Have you delved into Baldur’s Gate 3? It scratches a turn-based itch for a lot of people while incorporating the best parts of the DnD world. I’ve had fun choosing a character and role-playing them. They really give you a lot of choices that make the game super re-playable (a la what you were referencing about Starfield in the last episode—it starts when you beat it). It feels like being a guest on that Dan Harmon “HarmonQuest” show, which I highly enjoyed when it was popping. I’m sayin’, I’m not even a DND person like that neither.

    It’s absolutely not required, but you can also bring in friends to play through it with you, who make their own characters, which is a wholly new experience for me in an rpg of this ilk. Think you might like it.

    Honestly, maybe I SHOULD play DnD, considering how much I love Kieron Gillen’s “Die” comic series, along with every single other series he’s done. But that’s a topic for another day.

    Anyway thanks for entertaining this rambling and peace out.

    (Pronounced like Kanye but key-ye)

  6. ClassicRandBLover

    Hey Rod, Karen and guests, here’s hoping everyone is enjoying the new year.

    A few things are on my minds.

    I just wanted to say that I agree with your comments from the last episode. I loved Season 2 of What If? In fact, I thought it was even better than Season 1. The criticism of the season stands as yet another reminder that people hate just to hate. Season 1, people complained that all the show was was a case of ”You know this happened, but wouldn’t it be funny if this happened instead,” or in other words, Marvel only gives us Wash, Rinse, Repeat. This season was completely new and fresh stories and the complaint is, “What’s going on and how am I supposed to follow it?” This is why we can never have nice things. My favorite episode was the Native story from Episode 6. I too would love to see these characters brought back and incorporated into Marvel Universe Proper.

    The Brothers Sun on Netflix is so damned good. If people have yet to watch it, I strongly encourage them to do so. It has gotten to the point where anything I know Michelle Yeoh is in becomes an automatic watch. The comedy, the action, the fight sequences. Top notch all around.

    Another show I am loving, but I don’t hear a lot of chatter about is Percy Jackson and The Olympians on Disney. The show is so good that I find myself saying, “That’s the end?” for every episode.The series gets everything right that the movies got wrong. I am hoping the people tune in (if they are not watching, I am not a ratings hound), and Disney renews this series.

    The show I am surprised not to hear more people talking about is Season 2 of Invincible, which has also been great. I worry that with so much content, things are getting lost in the abyss, only to be rediscovered once the cancellation notification come in (although I think Invincible got a double season renewal, so, it should definitely be back for season 3).

    • ClassicRandBLover

      Hey Rod and Karen,

      I came back because I realized that I did not ask if you were watching Death Game on Amazon Prime. It’s a K Drama with a lot of action. It is 8 episodes, which are all now available for viewing.

  7. Devil_Bitch

    Yo Rod, if you wanna give away that PS4 I have a friend that wants one and I’m more than happy to pay for shipping. I’m totally down for the TBGWT gamer squad! On PS4 my gamertag is usmc_devil_kitty

  8. csick

    I could not disagree with you more about WB merging with Paramount. Keep bigoted-ass David Zaslav as far away from Star Trek as possible. I could definitely see him coming in and mothballing Star Trek Discovery (Black woman lead? Multiple LGBTQ+ characters?) like he did to Batgirl and Westworld.

    • rodimusprime

      Disagree how? Did we say “yay Zaslov! Please take over Star Trek?” Don’t do this man.

      • csick

        You said you hope the merger happens. I’m saying why I don’t want it to happen.

      • csick

        I never said you were pro-zaslav. Just that I disagree with you about a merger being good.

        • rodimusprime

          That’s fine but we clearly aren’t talking about the bigoted CEO and wanting him to shelve diverse shows. You intimated that we agreed with that or didn’t think it was a big deal. As far a Discovery this is already the last season. As someone who had their tv show canceled by HBO trust me, I know how it feels on a level you never will. It ain’t about him and we aren’t giving him cover by saying eventually this consolidation will change the industry.

      • csick

        I apologize if it sounded like I was accusing you of supporting his bigotry. That’s not what I meant at all. Reading my comment again, I can see how you could interpret it that way. My vitriol is intended directly for Zaslav, not you or Karen. I feel very strongly that he’s a bad person and I don’t want WB to absorb any more companies because of the further damage he could do. Sorry for the confusion.

        What I meant to say was that I disagree about the merger being a good thing and I feel very strongly about the reasons why.

        • rodimusprime

          All good. I get your meaning. No offense taken. Thank you for responding.

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