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2833: Naysayer Please

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, Cardi B had sex with Offset and told us, half of police force quits in small town, Katt Williams on Shannon Sharpe’s show, Rece Davis viral clip, Harvard president resigns and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HustleNoFlow

    On the comment about Katt and the local radio host (Wanda), she actually is a comedian, too. She just isn’t as quick as Katt, and she tried to hit some quick things at his expense, when he was only there to support Red Grant for Red’s local event. Actually, side note, Red played college football with Shannon, but Katt was spraying so fast that this connection point didn’t come up in the conversation.

    And on COVID boosters, I got mine before homecoming season. I’ve known folks that caught COVID the last 2 years at homecoming. I’ve also started selectively masking again when I feel like the place is going to be packed. I work remotely, but in conference calls, a lot of my coworkers have been coming up sick lately.

  2. EvieE

    The most interesting thing about the Katt Williams interview is that everyone who has responded to him hasn’t actually denied anything he said. Not one person is threatening to sue.

  3. Mandrake

    As far as the Ivy League College presidents and the Gotcha questions, if you look at the full questions and transcript they set up the questions about genocide by prefacing them with ridiculous premises. They first said that the definition of intifada is the genocide of the Jewish people which it is not, then they asked what Harvard is doing to deal with students at Harvard calling for the extermination of Jewish students at Harvard. So the question was never, “Does your school condemn calls for genocide” because the answer would have obviously been “of course” but they pretended that the intifada is about genocide and that any support for Palestine is equated with exterminating the Jewish people. Of course, the answers they gave were terrible and they should have answered differently but if you look at the preface and buildup to the question that was asked you can see why the answer wasn’t a clear simple one.

  4. Shoebootie

    Looks like the same tactics can be used to discredit Claudine Gay’s opposition as well… the wife of one of Gay’s main detractors has been accused of similar plagiarism on a technicality: https://www.cnn.com/2024/01/04/business/bill-ackman-wife-plagiarism/index.html

  5. mikol-sounds-like-michael

    As a trans person, one of the things that makes me so upset about the bans on gender affirming care for children is that these kids who access the care, who are getting screwed over by these laws, are the lucky ones who have affirming parents who take their needs seriously and get them into gender care clinics. And these miserable bigot Republicans aren’t content just screwing over their OWN trans kids, so they decide they have to fuck it up for the trans kids who actually HAVE parents who care for them. These laws that ban gender affirming care for minors don’t affect Republican parents’ kids, since they are either in the closet at home, or who get told they aren’t really trans or that they can’t transition by their bigoted parents. The laws are saying that even the parents who are doing what every major medical association says is the medically necessary thing for their kids — supporting them through social and, if necessary, physical transition — can’t do these things. As someone who didn’t win in the supportive parent lottery (I came out as trans to my parents as an adult and was met with a death threat), it makes me so upset that the supportive parents are being prevented from helping their transgender kids.

  6. mikol-sounds-like-michael

    I totally agree with your point about people not doing their part staying boosted against Covid. My husband and I have asked a lot of friends and family about it lately, and basically all of them admitted to not having gotten the latest booster. Even my dentist, who always wears a mask and has his staff do the same, recently admitted to me he hadn’t gotten around to getting the latest Covid booster. All of these are people who can afford it and who aren’t anti-vax. It’s really baffling to me, but the stats show I’m the weird one for actually getting the shot.

  7. ApiafromGermany

    I had covid for the second time now. I was maximally vaxinated both times and both times it was only 3 days. This time it was even milder. I had a stuffed nose and coughed 1 night.
    I wonder if something else will come up like strong tiredness for 2 weeks, like last time, but as per today I’m fine. I hope now that I wrote it, it doesn’t come back!
    So I lost my fear about it now, I think.
    Maybe a new variant could hit me harder, who knows, but I hope I’m done with it for this season.

  8. Anne

    In case you haven’t already figured it out, I’ll be That Person to explain the Nunez Nunez name. In Hispanic cultures you take both your father’s and mother’s last name (maiden name).
    So, that guy’s parents were both Nunez. The actress Sophia Vegara is actually Sophia Vegara Vegara.
    Also wanted to say that Arby’s serves fish and chicken now. That’s called diversifying your customer base. When I was a child they stuck to roast beef. Where’s my conservative congressman with a law to prevent this abomination?

    • ApiafromGermany

      Thank you for this!

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