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PG 392: Man Eat Steak, Woman Eat Salad

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss New Year’s Day, Katt Williams podcast interview, a local soul food spot, Karen’s short work week, playing video games, Rod shooting around at the YMCA, BitConned, Fargo, listener feedback and a local scammer.



    Hey Rod, Karen & Justin.

    Rod, I was wondering if you listened to the latest Ezra Klein episode on how we can shape our preferences & not have them shape us. Per usual, Ezra & The Grey Area w/Sean Elling get us thinking about some fascinating stuff & I’m glad the topic of Algorithms came up, since, as of late, yeah, these topics just come up & spark the tired debates that gin up clicks & ire. Social Media and its data miners weren’t designed for the best intentions of the human race. Exploitation begets exploitation. Thought it was a wonderful discussion.


    So we were blessed with an extra day to comment and first and foremost happy Friday!

    I took a gander on the old tiky tok and came across a few funnies I’d like to share with the premium folk.

    BAR stands for Beer & Alcohol Room

    The word Slang. Is really “short language” put together

    The game TAG stands for Touch And Go

    And lastly a tbgwt fav, “restaurant “ Arby’s is really pronounced “RBs “
    like roast beef
    Or republican boys!

    Happy Martin Luther the king weekend

    Fyahworks out

  3. RoninRaphael

    Wow, we starting 2024 strong with the Katt Williams love from Rod (it wasn’t Justin and Karen taking the shots) I’ve been playing Mary J Blige & Wyclef 911 nonstop as part of my recovery.

    Man, that Katt Williams interview was a mess. I agree with Rod, I came out of it looking at Shannon in a lesser light than I used to. This was my first watch from the beginning to end, I had seen clips of others but I used to rate him due his takedown of Skip Bayless (I once watched the show). Man sounds like he’s in the manosphere. As for Katt, my biggest disappointment wasn’t the overexaggeration it was his political take towards the end. That was the most dangerous thing that he did in my opinion, cause he sure sounded like Biden was worse of the choices and you’re supposed to be a well read man? The height of the entertainment for me was Blackson, I can’t stand that so called “African comedian.” Katt was right on that one. 2024 off to a bang!

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