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BDS 502: A Coon Connection

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aaron Rodgers vs Jimmy Kimmel, David Tepper throws drink on fans, Sherrone Moore, Knicks trade, Ray Rice honored by Ravens, ESPN apologizes for boob, Jason Whitlock self snitches on his own algorithm, Mike Florio apologizes to Lamar Jackson, Dan Orlovsky sniffs Molly’s shoe, Angel Reese calls out Barstool, Savannah James doesn’t take pics with men, Pistons end losing streak, Kayla Nicole back on these hoes, Jackson Mahomes charges may be dismissed, Dalvin Cook goes to Ravens, Giannis and Lebron lead All-Star votes, Nets fined for sitting players, Adams wants Pierce as coach and Franco accused of serious sexual crimes with a minor.


  1. rodimusprime

    G’Day Rod, Karen & Jussel Crowe.

    I don’t know if Crowes done anything this week, but he still owns the South Sydney rugby league team, so fuck him & that team.

    Shout out to my Asian brother Spoelstra on the $120m extension with the Heat.

    And Draymond? He’s saying it’s all too much for him. It’s that clowns own fault.

    Have a good 1 everyone



    Hey Rod, Karen & Jat McAfee.

    Must admit from outset, I was a wee bit hasteful about the hubbub about how ESPN/Disney was treating the situation with Aaron Rodgers basically calling Jimmy Kimmel a pedophile. Implying still counts as a label, which is what Aaron did with claiming the Epstein list. Jimmy Pitaro, ESPN’s head, is more trash than a trash can, I’m afraid. This man let a no-contract finishing, ex-punter fleece you with ARod. Among all the other Pitaro decisions to make, I can’t really say this is as bad as him caving by letting go of the talent he has given up for years. Kinda a miracle Mina Kimes, Elle Duncan, Marcus Spears, among others, are still there.

    But really, I wanted to talk about Dan LeBatard’s comments on Jimmy Kimmel & why he didn’t think it was funny. I was pretty pissed about how smarmy, unselfaware (which Dan usually isn’t but whew buddy, mission failed here) & inconsiderate, but I had time to breathe on it. Just a whiff on a usually wise man, who seemingly caps up for him, because Jimmy made fun of his education. Cry me a river, buddy.

    Rod, yo, what do these sports reporters see in QB Edward Snowden? I mean, I could call him Robert Kennedy Jr but Snowden feels right, since a lot of white journalists capped up for a message boarding, racist, traitorous, son of a bitch for the luls. Aaron feels that way to me. Since that long-ass Bleacher Report article on his separation from Mike McCarthy. Not to mention, both individuals lack accountability.

    But again, I just thought what Dan said was missing the point. Let that nigga go, dude. Be Stugotz for once. Fry ’em. Peace.

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jalen DeBoer,

    I hope all is good with you naysayers.

    I aspire to be as classy as Jemele Hill (https://twitter.com/jemelehill/status/1744579177490391413) one day. But today is not that day. JJ McCarthy has pre-integration passing numbers, is the next Daniel Jones and is gonna get a GM fired. For the Michigan fans I know, I am happy that you as individuals got to witness something y’all had no reason to ever believe was possible. Only winning 1 and a half titles since the Korean War is nasty work and while I cannot relate to such an empty, I hope y’all have fun celebrating. Ugh.

    Rod, I think you and Karen were on 3GO when one of y’all said folks at ESPN are gonna start seeing what they can get away with and it looks like Stephen A Smith decide to set it off on Jason Whitlock! I’ve only seen clips but it sounds like SAS would slap the fedora and hair plugs off Whitlock’s head if given the chance. I still can’t get over this nigga pulling up on live TV with hair like he hasn’t looked like quasi-sentient knuckle for decades. Y’all think Stephen A gonna take his engagement numbers back to ESPN and tell them that’s what real ratings look like?

    What’s a sport opinion y’all got that changed as y’all got older? When I was a kid, I thought it was bullshit that teams down South never had to play in the snow and that snow games were awesome. And now as an adult I think that was a bullshit rationalization for bad football games that nobody enjoys. I legit love cold weather and shake my damn head at every shirtless white man in Green Bay, Cleveland and Buffalo during the winter.

    Shouts out to Jerod Mayo for landing the Patriots head coaching job! I hope they pay him well cuz Boston is still Boston. Pats fans got mad at Jacoby Brissett for playing QB while Brady as suspended and they probably want to preheat Mayo’s seat already.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend as always and thanks for the dope shows! Also, stay warm and safe this weekend, weather is about to be brick nationwide.



  4. Romey_Rome

    What’s up Rod, Karen and Jyan Rollins. Now if yall are saying ‘who’ he was a 2nd year player for the Wizards that was released on Monday after he was arrested for shoplifting. You have to be a straight klepto with no control to cost yourself an NBA contract for stealing toiletries and candles from Target during the season. He was getting paid 1.7 mil so he wasn’t broke. If you are gonna get cut for a crime I say, go big. Getting cut for that shit is just embarrassing.


    Brother Rod, killer K, and Stephen J smith

    Greetings, hope the start of 24 has been going swell for you all. Well there’s so much to talk about this week, just in the past 48 hours we have gotten so much “breaking news”!

    Probably one of the biggest stories had to be Stephen A vs Jason white-lick
    I saw clips of Jason and then I watched the full hour of SAS podcast/youtube where he started with some caping for Pat mcafee and A-A Ron Rodgers and then a full 40 mins full of cussin disdain for the “fat bastard” I found that SAS also used this as a way to promote the paper back version of his memoir. It was funny to hear him cussin and talk about the “nigga please” moment he allegedly had on first take some years back, but he definitely went off on Jason. He claims this is the last he gon talk about it , but we shall see.

    Moving on, so the NFL regular season has come and gone! And after every season there’s a “black Monday” when niggaz lose their jobs! This year we seen some big names go down!!! Pete Carrol and bill belichick to be exact! I think Pete surprised me but bill didn’t, there’s rumors that Atlanta wants to hire him, I thought he might wanna retire or take some time off at the very least, being 72/73 and all but hey! The news of those two coaches was followed by nick saban saying “hold my beer! “ as he decides to step away from Alabama after 17 years I believe to go do Aflac commercials! Rod, it feels like an old coach exodus! Which maybe a good thing, because it gives d some of these OCs and DCs and other coaches a chance to show what they can do, like Antonio Pierce with the raiders.

    There’s plenty more stories that went down this week but I’ll leave with this one here!

    Shout out to the Miami heat for giving Erik spolestra the bag to the tune of 8 years and 120 million! But the best part was they waited till his divorce was finalized and “took care of him” I’m sure his ex wife will be fine, but that was a crazy play drawn up during the time out!

    You guys are the best

    Appreciate you all

    Fyahworks out

  6. rodimusprime

    Chad Sanders on Instagram: “There’s a reason why sports personalities disappear when they leave big networks. Because we never truly get to know them. Because they don’t use their voices for anything consequential. Because their bosses at the big networks don’t want them to. That’s lame. — The full conversation is on the latest episode of Nothing But Anarchy Click the link in my bio. And we got merch. #espn #foxnews #stephenasmith #sports #nba #nfl”

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    I happened upon this IG reel and had to take a step back to think on it. After thought I really agreed to certain extents. I think Bomani to a large degree and Wilbon to a minor degree are exceptions to this rule, but I do think their voices are preoccupied in their fields and they cannot lend their opinions to community matters.

    Then again I’m not sure how much I would wanna hear from Stephen A. I think I’ve heard more than enough to know I don’t align with his perspective but it is one that black people tend to agree with. The conservative black take. The respectability over anything take.

    How about my Knicks after the OG trade? Holy smokes. I’m excited to see how far we can go. We have the makings of a great squad with Jalen running it.

    Have a great one,

  7. rodimusprime

    Dawg… the fact that y’all hate y’all own team is muthafuckin’ hilarious!

    Alright that’s it, I just wanted to say ‘hi’ and to share my laughter
    with y’all, peace.

    [***this part is for you no need to read it — unless you want to***]

    Hey Rod don’t know if this will apply to you, because you live in the
    South and they hate for the public [read: ‘Naysayers’] to have
    anything there, but when I was looking to get back in the gym I went
    to the community college and took a circuit training weight class.
    Teaches you most of the machines and how to build a circuit — and
    most importantly, gives you ‘free’ access to the gym. Most gym
    classes are fractions of a credit/unit so it works out cheaper than a
    membership and a personal trainer.


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