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2835: Break Some Rules

Rod and Karen banter about new snacks, Draymond Green returning, Katt Williams vs Kevin Hart, Captain America: The First Avenger, Magna Carta Holy Grail and long-form content. Then they discuss people responding to Katt Williams’ interview, a plane window blows out mid-flight, Halle Bailey and DDG’s baby arrives, Cardi B still wants her money from Tasha K, Black History classes reinstated by racist school board and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m happy Halle Bailey announced her pregnancy on her terms. I follow her on social media and the number of comments demanding she announce her pregnancy was so entitled. We don’t know her and she owe me us nothing. I hope she never shows her baby on social media ever. But it course, people are already demanding it. I could never be a celebrity because someone would get cussed out.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Wasn’t there a rape scene in The Player’s Club? Didn’t Ice Cube have a hand in making that movie?

  3. Shoebootie

    Rod, I’m going to let your banter re: fitness be my new rock. I am in the same boat, where the pandemic stopped everything in my tracks. And for a few years I was trying to capture lightning in a bottle and recreate what worked for me before. But I’m realizing it’s time to find what will work for me NOW … everything has changed, I have changed, and the old routine won’t work for new times. I joined the Y but have just been nervous to go. But I wanna feel like I used to when I was active – strong, capable, confident.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    I’m confused by the one verdict on fucking with black people. You judged the event where people protested and the bad legislation banning black history was taken back. And you gave it the worst rating. But this was good? The banning was of course the worst.
    Breaking rules is obviously the right thing to do for real success. Just important to add that when you try it, you don’t know what rules to break for success and you will probably have to try multiple times. This is normal.

  5. Hill.shun

    Do yall remember when Katt Williams got beat up by a kid after he threw the first punch?

  6. Anne

    Listening to this on a Monday morning. Your advice about “the people who break the rules are the ones who make the new rules” is perfect motivation. I even quoted you on my socials.
    Also, I agree with your strategy of taking the time to grow on your own strength instead of trying to get support from the start. The best advice I ever got was that I have to prove my good idea actually is good before other people will support it. No one will recognize your vision without proof. And that proof can only come from putting in the work. Hard, yes. But necessary.
    Happy anniversary to TBGWT. I remember the first episode that I listened to. It was the southern accents that got me. I live in the south so if felt comfortable. It was the one where you were dealing with some guy who complained about Karen’s voice. You took the time to correct him. I loved it.
    That reminds me. I need to update my iTunes review.

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