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2836: Be His Coretta

Rod and Karen banter about smoothies and weather determining what albums you want to hear. Then they discuss Jonathan Majors interview on Good Morning America, a warning about leftover Baileys, Cedric the Entertainer responds to Katt Williams, Boeing 737 Max 9 fallout, Oprah supporting Taraji, woman sues dentist, LGBTQ News, New Years Day dildo batter, woman beats father over oxygen machine beeping, woman hits boyfriend with vase nd sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Y’all ain’t shit for that show art, lol.

    Johnathan Major’s obsession with Coretta Scott king goes to show he has no real knowledge about her besides being someone’s wife instead of acknowledging her as an activist in her own right. One of her children had to check him on that. I think he may have mentioned her again in his interview to make light of his taped conversation that went viral and that just makes it even worse. I don’t think his career is over but it will never be on the same trajectory that it was on before all this came out.

  2. Mdiarra

    I hope Jonathan Majors gets help. I truly do. this person needs help. It seems like everyone forgot the inital assault conversation and text messages where he told her not to go to the hospital for the first time. and speaking of Coretta the internet said he was civil rights attractive so now he needs his Black woman to hold him down! Everyone wants a Coretta but are you a Martin Luther King!

  3. Justin

    The thing that’s wild about the whole Color Purple and Oprah stuff is that most of the people talking bad about how “Oprah didn’t do anything to help” refuse or haven’t even see the movie because it’s “Black trauma porn” or whatever excuse they have to not see the movie.

    Just look at the box office, the flim has made about $56 million and I’ve seen people saying how under paid Taraji has always been and she should be making just as much as Brad Pitt or whoever, but they won’t see the movie she’s in.

  4. ApiafromGermany

    Im concerned with how Jonathan Majors is talking about the new girlfriend, because I recognize an unhealthy dynamic. I hope I’m wrong and they are fine or fake and I’m just reminded of some stuff I experienced in one bad relationship in the past.
    He builds her up as his savior, he says she is an angel. Not like all the other bitches in the past. She is a good woman. That’s a lot for such a short relationship. Too much, too fast.

    If the relationship goes bad, she will, if she is like many other women hesitate to leave, out of guilt. She can’t leave him because he would collapse. She has to save him with love!
    And she doesn’t want to be like all the other, bad women, who failed him.

    That’s a pretty bad dynamic, but as I said, I hope I’m wrong.

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