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2843: The Chicken Wing Economy

Rod and Karen banter about chicken wing prices and social media voting pessimism. Then they discuss the Republicans primaries, fake Biden robocalls, Dave Chappelle calls out Katt Williams, snortable caffeine, Fani Willis, Biden Administration forgives more student loans, Supreme Court rules against TX, Taraji P Henson wants people to focus on The Color Purple, Nikki Haley on racism, Who News: Karlissa Saffold, man gets 5 women pregnant and throws baby shower for all of them, man tries to swap drugs for fried pickles, police find suspect in the dryer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Even though Kat Williams didn’t have anything negative to say about Dave I think Dave may have a bone to pick with Kat based on a previous interview. Kat never named any comedian specifically but he was asked about cancel culture and how comedians aren’t allowed to make jokes anymore. Kat’s response was he doesn’t believe that because times change and there are things people used to say that was okay that aren’t anymore and if a comedian can’t adapt to the times are they even funny. The way Dave has been going on about the LGBTQ community in all of his latest standup routines he may have taken that personally but that could just be pure speculation on my part. It’s kind of sad that Dave seems to care so much about black people issues but refuses to see there are also black LGBTQ members.

    We’ve already established that shame no longer exists but I would be so embarrassed if I was one of the five baby mamas pregnant from a guy who has four other women pregnant at the same time and there is absolutely no way I’d share a baby shower with any of them. Don’t secrets exist anymore?

  2. ThePinkSuperhero

    I can see the benefits of having sister-baby-mothers – so many families don’t have anyone they can turn to, each one of these ladies has 4 built-in babysitters.

  3. Mary

    I totally agree with the feelings that Trump gives his supporters. Our boy Ezra had a Republican pollster on the other day and when asked about what Trump’s appeal is, she said “he doesn’t make you feel bad about being a [racist/bigot/misogynist].” Like he’s saying “you’re not a bunch of deplorables – you’re fine!” People want to feel validated and like they’re good people. We’re doomed.

  4. Karmenjay

    Scarface Claus blessing the kids.

  5. RamseyDeeJenkins

    TBGWT’s Banter/Tell Me What’s on Your Mind is so good!
    The way I cackled during the announcement of Tim Scott’s engagement.
    Dave Chappelle…please let us enjoy and rewatch Club Shay Shay featuring Micah Katt Williams!
    Five Stars and Plenty of flame emojis for this episode.

  6. ApiafromGermany

    I agree with everything Rod said about politics.
    Like everything!
    Ok, I’m skeptical about cheap meat because I always think about how it was produced, and I don’t like what I see in my mind.
    Otherwise, about people who love to panic, I see it the same way. And I can also get anxious, so I don’t listen to them.

  7. Shoebootie

    OMG, just do coke like a grown-up. This is embarrassing.

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