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2844: Lupe Vs Cudi

Rod and Karen discuss Lupe Fiasco vs Kid Cudi, Bill O’Reilly books getting banned, KY politician incest bill, Jo Koy’s Golden Globes fallout, reclassifying weed as less dangerous, Black podcasts discriminated against by advertisers, FL bill wants to make being accused of bigotry defamation, White People News, stalker with bad spelling, woman uses dog urine for drug test, man steals $2 mil from father-in-laws safe and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I must be on the stanley cup side of tik tok because I’ve been hearing a lot about them. They retail for about 45 bucks and the whites have been going crazy over them. They had a partnership with Starbucks and target this past month for pink valentines tumblers and people were lining outside the stores before they opened and fighting over them like Black Friday. It was so embarrassing. It was apparently one of the most popular gifts for teenage girls this Christmas and some schools are thinking about banning them because some kids are getting bullied for not having them. Yeah it’s really that deep for some people.
    But I will say that there was a viral video of a woman whose car caught on fire and everything on the inside was burned to a crisp except her Stanley cup and there was still ice in it!
    I can attest to the sturdiness of Stanley because I bought a 20 dollar Stanley thermos, before the craze a couple years ago and I went camping. I put ice in that thing at beginning of the weekend and there was still ice in it five days later. But you won’t catch your girl fighting to buy a damn tumbler cup as an aesthetic.

  2. ApiafromGermany

    Having any butt at all was seen as bad in the 90-ties for white women. It was seen as being fat and unattractive and not sexy. So I can understand Julia Robert’s insecurity if she had a butt bigger than a child’s. My butt is middle sized, a good M and I think it was considered too big.

  3. ApiafromGermany

    I never had to take any drug test. I think they are unconstitutional here unless it’s about driving under influence or you are a pro athlete.
    Your employer can’t test you.
    Thank for the both scores.
    I just know that the Katg page can’t be reached from certain wifi like from some venues because of ” bad” language and you site creates no problems.

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