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2848: Gym Plant

Rod and Karen discuss rooting for a bad NBA team, ESPN BET and getting encouragement at the YMCA makes Rod suspicious. Then they discuss Mos Def vs Drake, Kyrsten Sinema flying private, Cori Bush hiring husband as security, TX wants the smoke, Travel advisory for Jamaica, Gen Z gender divide is huge, Snoop Dogg loves Trump now, UK loaning Ghana their jewels back, woman kills Gecko, woman drives over her boyfriend’s ex, man throws chocolate egg at cashier and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Don’t fall for it Rod, that was a plant. The one thing at my gym I hate is the personal trainers lurking around who approach and try to talk you like they’re just being friendly and then boom they ask if you want to sign up for training. As soon as I see them approach I tell them I’d like to work out in peace and leave me alone. It may be unfriendly but I’m not falling for the scam.

    Texas will never secede because republicans won’t let that happen. With all the electoral votes there would never be another republican president again. Plus they would lose all the federal assistance. They would be a third world country the minute they secede.

  2. Sean

    Waiting for gym machines is why I do my workouts at 1am… in and out and don’t have to worry about waiting for machines, usually…

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    I love Karen so much. She drops gems for the ladies. When Karen said she would not fight over a man because “I’m too pretty and too precious,” I hollered. The idea that a straight woman’s worth is only tied to having a man or being a mom is still so entrenched into society’s consciousness that some women will do anything in order to say “well at least I got a man.” I wish both men and women at large would realize that they can have healthy, reciprocal, loving, and platonic relationships that can be emotionally satisfying. The time at home during the pandemic helped me establish some very strong friendship bonds, which actually made it easier for me when I started dating again because I felt complete without a man. This allowed me to be more picky instead of doing the panicky “OMG, I’m fat, Black and 50, I better take what I can get.” Anywho, I’m sorry I went on a mini rant. Lol. Just wanted to say I love Karen’s insights, banter and her not knowing.

  4. RamseyDeeJenkins

    When Karen and Rod go off about anything related to the Election, Voting, and protecting people, I am here for all of it! I enjoyed the banter about the Hornets’ BB game. Five Stars for this episode and for both of you sharing your healthy eating/healthy mindset/going to the gym/working out.

  5. Kpskrt

    The gecko story is sad but also had me laughing. The part about black people not having them reminded me of a time in my life. When I was a kid someone paid me and some of my friends for a neighborhood car wash in the form of reptiles they kept in their apartment. I convinced my mom and grandma to let me take one. I had a baby crested gecko for a short time until I was being hard headed. I put the cage outside on the patio for it to “get some fresh air,” (child logic) even though my grandma told me that probably wasn’t a good idea. They require moisture and aren’t able to regulate their temperature in the same way other animals can. I didn’t know any better unfortunately. A couple hours later I go back on the porch and my lil homie was fried to death in his container. I felt so bad and to this day I wish I would’ve listened. I have no interest in reptiles now though. RIP Jodi the Gecko

    • LayLoves

      Aww damn RIP to the lil reptilian homie Jodi

  6. mikol-sounds-like-michael

    “Loaning” Ghana their own stolen artifacts! The British Museum is on the permanent dracarys list.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      The fact that formerly colonized or imperialized nations haven’t just burnt Europe to the ground out of sheer frustration is amazing.

      • ApiafromGermany

        Please don’t burn Europe to the ground.
        Best, don’t burn any country to the ground. But Europe is big. Not every country participated in colonization.
        And for selfish reasons, I would love to stay alive. I promise, I did not colonize anyone and I never will.
        Plus. Burning Europe to the ground would also burn down the stolen art. So I don’t know about that. Please?

    • LayLoves


      Ok not wholly but on recovering artifacts, he was.

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