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2849: Stopping Skynet

Rod and Karen banter about the Black History Month Coontdown and dissing Eminem. Then they discuss Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, Nicki Minaj vs Megan, Uber Eats will accept SNAP, IRS cracking down on the rich, Who News (Nick Grant), Issa Rae considering going independent, man slaps restuarant hostess, naked man steals clothes, man kills coworker over stolen lunch and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ApiafromGermany

    far right governments are obviously terrible for LGBT+ people but this Italian father did it on this own. He started abusing his son when he was 14, he is now 18, so 4 years ago. There was another government in Italy.
    I think that the article throw in the government at the end was misleading. And at least the laws are still like that that the parents were punished.
    I’m sure there are other cases where it had an impact but not here.

  2. EvieE

    I can’t believe Nicki is still going about Megan a whole week later. She’s so desperate for Megan not to reach number one on the charts she’s literally asking her barbz to stream Ben Shapiro rap song. She had absolutely no chill at this point and her stans are as unhinged doxxing people and even revealing the address of Megan’s mother’s grave. Even though I don’t think Megan should respond to this level of crazy if it was me, I would have to run up on Nicki like Cardi did. Nicki is clearly someone who has never had her ass whooped and it shows.

    I’ve had my lunch stolen from work before over 20 years ago and I’m still pissed off so I understand that man’s anger.

  3. ginagate

    It’s great UberEats is taking SNAP. (Instacart/ Doordash take some benefits payments as well). A lot of disabled People i know (me included) use food delivery services, as transportation can be expensive and difficult to get. Folks on benefits deserve to be able to use these services too.
    Lunch Stealing has gotten people fired — it can be a morale killer, too. I know I was livid when I returned from leave from work and discovered someone had used /taken all my Publix honey! You know how expensive honey is ? And it was the Greenwise kind too! Now I keep it in my desk, along with my lunch most days!

  4. Anne

    Just realized that as a mixed race person my ancestors were DEI supporters. That is all.

  5. t0DDMF

    For starters, Nick Grant’s album, Sunday Dinner, was one of my favorites of 2023. If you haven’t already, check it out. It makes sense to me that Nick said this because, in part, I think he’s speaking from a place of experience. He’s as talented of a rapper that there is, but he’s not experienced a ton of commercial success. The two artists he mentioned (marqus clae and Rueben Vincent) have been put on by industry vets over the past couple of years. Both were on the Dreamville festival stage last year. Rueben (Charlotte native) is down with 9th Wonder’s label, Jamla. He’s gotten some really good looks over the past year or so. But I think it’s really tough for “lyricist” to “get on” in the way that Nick Grant is envisioning because i don’t think there is a mainstream appetite for those artist. Take JID for instance. He’s as talented of a lyricist as there is right now (Also, a Dreamville artist). he has an incredible solo catalogue and his work with Spillage Village is great, but he hasn’t gotten the traction that i believe he’s due. It’s really not a reflection of the OGs embracing these young artists as much as it’s a reflection of the broader consumer base. I think artists like Currensy and Tech 9 are perfect examples of what success can look like for lyricists these days. Build a following. Keep them fed with music. Show up in their towns to perform. Rinse and repeat.

  6. nickdaws

    Hardest Banter intro music I ever heard.

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