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PG 396: Going To Mars

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss kids’ basketball, companies not billing insurance, working with a personal trainer, Going To Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project, and listener feedback



    Greetings Rod Karen and Justin

    As if we didn’t have enough proof that streaming is not only the present but the future, espn, fox and warner bros/discovery have decided to let bygones be bygones and unite to create a sport Hulu if you will, a one stop shop to get sports aka another bill. It is slated to come this fall!

    Speaking of fall, McDonald’s needs to make their prices fall! I read an article. Talking about the beloved hashbrown selling for upwards of $3! I remember a time you could get hash browns. $1 and 2 for $3 I know inflation has caused price increases at restaurants and more notably, Supermarkets , but mickeys is saying the increases are coming because less ppl are eating out and my assumption is the amount you spend in McDonalds for a family. Of four, you can get more groceries with that and have food for a few days. They also said they are working on getting prices back to some sort of decency, but also they will be removing things from the menu in the near future.

    Have a great weekend guys




      I forgot to mention I heard you guys farewell Spotify for podcasters ad

      I wonder if them re-upping Joe Rogan made them decide they had to cut some of the other podcast they pay for advertising. I think you guys did a great creative job with the ads. And I hope other companies come to yalll in the near future.

  2. SuavyP

    You guys have mentioned on the main show and here numerous times that it would not be shocking if the 90s Crime bill repeated itself… well fast forward baby, here in DC, that day has come. The DC city council is set to vote on an omnibus Crime Bill this week to attempt to address the crime spree that has been plaguing the city of late with Mayor Bowser and the police chief pushing for it’s support. Of corse everyone will say that no one wanted this bill… but as a DC resident, I cannot tell you how common it is to see broken car glass on the floor, or a plastic bag attempting to cover a car window that was busted out on every just about every street in the city. Carjackings especially are a serious problem. There was a story last week of a guy that went on a car jacking spree that sounded like something out of the Dark Knight movie and resulted in a few deaths including his own. History repeating itself is here. I’ve included a link on the crime bill below. Take care

    • SuavyP

      Just to follow up, I just listened to episode 2851 and the DC carjacking incident I mentioned, you guys discussed on that episode.

  3. Kpskrt

    I started running recently and found that taking Claritin (or any other non-drowsy antihistamine) before my work out stopped the runners itch for me. When I first got back into it the itching in my legs was so unbearable it was discouraging. This helped me get over the hump!

  4. Nebz

    thanks for reminding me to drink water!! You were going on about hydration for a while and it made me realize I was thirsty and likely dehydrated so now I’m drinking water! Thanks 😀

    • Nebz

      Hydration tip: eat soup! I eat a lot of soup this time of year, and I notice it makes me seem to need less water. Spicy food also sometimes helps cuz I’ll gulp down a lot while I’m eating it.

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